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‘Divani & Divani’ for the Ultimate in Luxurious Contemporary Seating

By leading Italian furniture designer ‘Natuzzi’


This feature highlights luxurious contemporary seating units, sofas and chairs, the essential items required to enhance social areas in the modern home. This collection of fabulous and functional designer sofas and chairs offers not only style and quality, but the ultimate in comfort.  Manufactured by the leading Italian furniture company, ‘Natuzzi’, all these gorgeous pieces share both traditional elements and innovation.  No matter what the style of the home, these sumptuous pieces would fit in easily, creating comfortable seating areas for friends and family to spend valuable time together.

The ‘Natuzzi’ Group was established as long ago as 1959 so they have had plenty of time to develop an excellent reputation in the global market place.  ‘Natuzzi’ markets their luxurious sofas and chairs internationally under the exclusive label ‘Divani & Divani’.

The Divani & Divani contemporary seating range offers an enduring versatility


Each of these contemporary seating designs has its own distinctive character, but they all share an elegant and fashionable simplicity which is in keeping with modern trends and tastes.  The materials and colors used frequently suggest a reassuring permanence and stability.  This is modern classicism at its best and once purchased each of these luxurious seating units could last a lifetime.

Materials and styles vary from streamlined, lightweight and elegant items to more solid voluminous units that just demand rest and relaxation.  Warm cozy colors and natural materials combine to enhance this welcoming quality.  Or by contrast shiny surfaces and metal structures may offer a more ‘hi tech’ appearance.  Within the luxurious ‘Divani & Divani’ range, the manufacturers have identified three distinct trends in their contemporary seating units these are; “….‘Nature and tradition’, ‘Fashion Style’ and ‘Technology and elegance’.”

Contemporary Seating Units for all Tastes


To emphasize the wide range of styles offered by ‘Divani & Divani’  a selection of contrasting designs are presented here.  Brand new for 2012, the ‘Natuzzi’ Group are currently promoting the ‘Harmony’ range.  They say this represents the ultimate expression of Italian craftsmanship.  And that this is implicit in the unity of the different elements from which it is created.  The sturdy wooden structure and the metal base, the tactile cushions on the back, the seat and on the arms, all unite together to create a harmonious composition of forms.   It has to be said that these qualities also appear to be typical of all the items in the Divani & Divani portfolio

Mixing tradition with cutting edge technology – contemporary seating design


Mixing tradition with cutting edge technology, the ‘Harmony’ contemporary seating range offers the ultimate in comfortable seating with upholstery made from a mixture of sophisticated polyurethanes. This material is highly durable and also environmentally friendly, it will last a lifetime as there is no danger of the cushions deforming with repeated use.

If natural materials are preferred to synthetic fabrics, Divani & Divani ‘also specialize in sofas and chairs made from the finest quality supple leathers.  This can be seen in the chic ‘Releve’ design and also in the sumptuous and traditional ‘Bateau’ range.   For even more choice, many of the other contemporary seating units are available in a choice of upholstery fabrics and patterns.   For a very streamlined and elegant look the minimalist ‘Cameo’ chair has a seat and back upholstered in fine flexible leather.  Feathers are used in the interior upholstery, to ensure a fabulously comfortable seating experience. The specialist curved steel structure ensures this seat appears very modern and lightweight.

Materials and colors for the modern seating design


Perhaps one of the most inviting looking seating units is the cozy ‘Erasmus’ which features clean but soft lines a very wide seat for lounging and comfortable fabric upholstery. As ‘Natuzzi’say,  the “ Erasmus has a soul, traditional and modern at the same time making it extremely versatile”. It may seem strange to speak of furniture in terms of personality, but any of the items from this luxurious range of contemporary seating units will certainly add a distinctive character to any home interior.

by Jaz

Round daybed in green color


The “Cameo” leather chair


White sofa with metal construction


Red leather living room furniture by Divani&Divani


Luxury leather chair


Beige sofa set with contemporary design


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