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The modern rocking bed by Shiner


This fabulous piece of furniture is going to rock your world. The modern rocking bed by Shiner has an incredible, inspirational design and though it looks quite unusual it is actually very comfortable. It is incredibly light and can be easily rearranged or moved from one room to another. You can even take it outside of your house, in the backyard or terrace, on a sunny day and enjoy a nice sun bath while resting. The bed doesn’t have to be simply a bed – a piece of furniture to sleep in at night. It should be able to give you comfort and pleasure any time.

A modern rocking bed creative design by Shiner


We all know the phrase “Slept like a baby”. The problem is that we hardly ever sleep well and this is not only because of the stress from work. It is because most beds aren’t made for relaxation and comfort. Sometimes we even wake up tired. This is because our bed is designed to be a nice piece of furniture and nothing more, sometimes it isn’t even nice. But, with the modern rocking bed by Shiner this is not the case. After spending one night in this bed you can finally sleep like a baby.

The modern rocking bed by Shiner – comfortable rest in style


The modern rocking bed is specially designed by Joe Manus. It has an exceptional quality and is available in oak, pine, walnut and calico. The carbon steel frame can be black or brushed, whichever way you prefer. The bed has the most amazing ability to adapt to your mood, to enrich your interior with its rustic presence and give you the pleasure and relaxation that you’ve been longing. Even though the modern rocking bed by Shiner is quite unusual, it is an absolutely exquisite piece. The bed is a true work of art that is simply created to make your life easier and better.


Modern black rocking chair by Shiner


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