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Elegant and Ultra Modern Outdoor Furniture and Lighting

by Vondom of Valencia, Spain


Based in Valencia, ‘Vondom’ is a highly innovative and dynamic Spanish company who specialize in superb modern outdoor furniture and lighting.  They manufacture all the accessories you would need to relax in the open air.  ‘Vondom’ has achieved a global reputation for producing products that are extremely stylish and ultra modern. ‘Vondom’s catalogue stands out due to the exclusive and creative input from a large number of leading designers.  They describe their unique and distinctive style as purely Mediterranean.

Sculptural Elegance in Modern Outdoor Furniture and Lighting


The Vondom modern outdoor furniture and lighting ranges incorporate a collection of distinctive styles.  These vary from geometric and angular, such as Jut, Vertex and Faz to sinuous and organic like the Lava and Stones series.   Each variation shares a highly chic minimalist quality.  The clean lines and uncomplicated forms are clearly sculptural and can be enjoyed as art objects when not in use, as well as comfortable furnishings to aid total relaxation.  The beauty of this gorgeous furniture will become the highlight of your patio or terrace area.  Each set comprises an extensive collection of coordinating items. However if your choice is for individual objects these also make powerful visual statements in isolation.

Innovative Materials and Design make a fascinating feature of Modern Outdoor Furniture and Lighting


An extra special feature of this selection of modern outdoor furniture and lighting is the way clever designs are combined with the intrinsic qualities of the manufacturing materials.  Both elements are exploited to the full.  All the furniture and lighting is made from an unbreakable and long lasting polymer which also has attractive translucent qualities.  This versatile material may be molded so that each piece becomes a complete and unbroken sculptural statement.  The surface of the furniture is polished and super interactive with changing light conditions.  Although all these furniture items look fabulous in white, each piece is also available in other eye catching colors, for those who wish to introduce a splash of vibrant color to their seating areas.

Stunnng designs – modern furniture


Some of the most stunning designs actually incorporate LED lighting within the furniture units.  The Vela range by Vondom looks stunning when illuminated from within. As does the super minimalist Quadrat range. This really is an outstanding collection of modern outdoor furniture and lighting which proves that the most exciting designs do not have to be flamboyant or complicated. Just an additional note, this lovely outdoor furniture and lighting range would look equally good indoors as well!

By Jaz

Patio modern furniture-lava


Innovative white outdoor furniture


Lounge chair with creative design


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