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The perfect balance between elegance, comfort and beauty has a new name -Turati Boiseries. This classic furniture design is all about tradition, gorgeousness and creativity. This isn’t just about furnishing, or design, it isn’t even about style and fabrics… Turaticugini is a philosophy. It is the way of creating the perfect ambience for any home. Classic Furniture Design doesn’t mean old fashioned furniture. Actually it is quite the contrary. Classic means ever- green, always topical, everlasting. It is a very special way of inviting tradition into the future, and letting it stay there for good.

Classic furniture design combines tradition and creativity



Turati Boiseries has become a synonym for top quality classic furniture design. The company is also famous for its exquisite classic furniture accessories and creative solutions for prestigious homes, offices and luxurious public buildings. One of the most important things about classic furniture is the cultural implementation. Turati Boiseries has done a fantastic job with all of the company’s projects. By developing a successful furniture style that’s world-wide- known for its exceptional quality, beauty, unique touch and comfort, the company has specialized in furnishing all types of living areas – bedrooms, living rooms, lobbies, halls, and so much more.

Beauty, unique touch and komfort with the classic furniture design by Turati Boiseries




With a mixture of creativity, tradition, knowledge and good taste, Turati Boiseries has proven to be, one of the leading classic furniture design companies. Every piece of furniture is unique and special. Most of the furniture can be combined together to suit the individual purposes and needs. Most of the pieces can be rearranged easily, which makes them very multifunctional. Everything is made of the best materials and the richest color palette fabrics.

A piece by Turati Boiseries somehow becomes a special feature in the home. It is that rare type of furniture that cannot be just used, it has to be cherished and loved, because it is a little drop of perfection.

Luxury italian furniture for the living room


White luxury cabinet


White classic furniture – library


Classic staircase with blue carpet


Green classical furniture


Classic interior design from Italy


Classic white chairs by Turati Boiseries


Blue chairs in the living room


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