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Pet friendly accomodation – unique dog house sofa by min n mun

pet friendly accomodation creative furniture design

Very innovative and thoughtful pet friendly accomodation idea – the Dog House Sofa is a total hit. It is designed in Korea by min n mun. And it is a part of a new brand collection called M.pup. It is a  special collection oriented in the emotional attachment with pets. Since the South Koreans have adopted about ten million pets, which makes this sofa extremely practical for them. It allows people to have a more special bond with their dogs.

Incredibly innovative pet friendly accomodation

pet friendly accomodation innovative korean sofa

If you have a pet, you surely need to have pet friendly accomodation. Because it is made of exceptional quality wood and fabric, this sofa is very easy to clean and is both comfortable for you and your pet. If you are worried that your pet might  not be comfortable enough, you should know that the additional pet space provided on the side of the sofa is as big enough as an average dog house, therefore your pet will feel absolutely comfortable.

Comfortable sofa with additional dog house

pet friendly furniture design piece

Of course, although it is called Dog House Sofa this lovely pet friendly accomodation solution by min n mun, which is basically additional space created especially for your pet, is not adequate only for dogs, it will be perfectly comfortable for a cat as well. If you have more than one pet, they will be perfectly fine for them to share. The point is to provide your little members of the family a special place only for them.Practical and comfortable not only for your pet but also for you… Now that your lovely pet won’t be using your sofa, but will be using its own space, you won’t be annoyed about finding a lot of dog hair on your seating.Having a pet in the home often means that you have a member in your family. And you know that every member in the family needs their own space. Thats why providing your dog with something that only it can use is a whole new level of special care.

Incredibly, innovative, and thoughtful design 

modern chic practical korean sofa design

Stylish color and fabric 

innovative practical dog friendly sofa

Extremely comfortable for you and your pet 

innovative pet friendly accomodation idea

Cool, creative and practical sofa design 

incredibly functional furniture design

Expansive sofa space for you and your dog

high quality material usage dog house sofa

Let your pet feel at home 

creative home interior dog house solution

Clean classy design of a lovely dog house 

incredibly thoughtful pet friendly accomodation solution

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