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Office desk design – the elegant Paco Camus’ Voltaire Desk

office desk design exquisite voltaire

This office desk design is created by the talented designer Paco Camus, and part of his Private Collection of furniture, this desk is like a wooden jewel. It is made of only the finest wooden material and its design is simply impeccable. Although it may look a little old fashioned, his amazing work of art is like a royalty in the classy desk family. It has an innovative, creative design, which is actually very practical for writers. With its chic, vintage look, it is a wonderful addition to every sophisticated, cozy interior.

Office desk design with a sentimental meaning, history and style

wooden office desk clean design

In this office desk design practicality meets style. This desk is absolutely perfect in terms of functionality. You have enough space for everything and if you think that it is more appropriate as a decoration, you can be sure that it is perfectly compatible with modern technology. Even though it has a discrete storage area for your pens and paper, it has enough room where you can put your lap top and start writing the new novel you’ve been meaning to write. The desk is perfect for your office, your library, home studies or even your bedroom or living room. It is made of exceptional quality wood and is very well-structured, which practically means that it’s timeless.

An amazing office desk design  that can easily become a focal point in the study area

exceptional voltaire wooden home office desk design

Dedicated to one of the best authors of all time –Voltaire, this office desk design symbolizes a past era of enlightenment and romance in a very sentimental way. With its unique curves and magnificent overall look, and lovely proportions it can easily become a focal point in a more traditionally decorated office. The Voltaire Desk by Paco Camus is the writer’s dream desk. Every writer needs inspiration – something to trigger their imagination, and what could be better than the sight of this classy writer’s desk, which literally tempts you to enter the world of creativity and visit the unknown lands of imagination and adventure.

The Voltaire desk is an absolutely exquisite, stylish wooden desk

 voltaire remiscent desk luxurious desk

Extraordinary craftsmanship and beautiful techniques 

exceptional quality wooden desk voltaire

Innovative and yet traditional and classy – this desk is everything a writer needs

excellent wooden office desk design

Excellent choice for every traditional or contemporary home interior 

amazing wooden focal point traditional elements desk

This desk can easily become a focal point in every office, living room or study room 

amazing wooden furniture design

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