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Office desk – The sensational Torque Desk by I M Lab

extra functionality amazing office furniture design

You need a functional and gorgeous office desk? Designed by the one of a kind duo Alessandro Isola & Supriya Mankad from I M Lab studio, London the Torque Desk has been described as a sensational creation. The desk, as a piece of furniture, is not what it used to be thanks to breaking those boundaries and creating something new and extraordinary. You may think that a desk should be sophisticated and simple without any design modifications whatsoever. But now the Torque Desk has broken off traditional cuffs and has shown that imagination has absolutely no limit.

This exclusive office desk design is not only functional and practical its structure is simply the synonim of artistry

office desk original furniture piece

This office desk is simply a work of art. Can a piece of furniture be also a sculpture, can it be a three-dimensional engineering wonder and a hand-craftsmanship masterpiece at the same time? Well, the Torque Desk by I M Lab has shown that it is possible. One of the best things is that is also functional beyond belief. This design screams “functionality”. Because it the construction is so clever the drawers are versatile. They are not only rotating drawers, they are also the structural support on one of the ends. When they open they resemble a hand of cards, which is very creative, elegant and practical, because you can see what is in every drawer at the same time. They are made of metal, which makes them a very solid support and also impossible to break. The entire body of the desk is made of excellent quality metal, which allows it to be more flexible and more stable at the same time.

Innovative and creative this office design is ideal for every contemporary or futuristic interior

exceptional furniture design finest quality material

The feeling of completeness for this gorgeous office desk is provided by an elegant pen holder and a letter made of malachite. They give the desk that nice finishing touch. With them it looks more sophisticated and elegant and more of course, more practical.This piece of furniture is very appropriate for a more sophisticated and luxurious interior space – like a home study or an office.

The Torque desk is ideal for you home study or office

luxurious innovative furniture piece clean design

When creativity and engineering thought join forces – masterpieces are created

original shape office desk sophisticated modern

This desk design is absolutely extraordinary

creative exceptional imaginative office furniture idea

You can easily make this desk a focal point in your office interior

incredible functionality creativefurniture piece

Innovative and functional, with its clean and original design this desk is a total eye-catcher

creative furniture design torque desk

If you want a sophisticated and modern piece of furniture – the torque desk is surely the best choice

best quality wonderful design technique office desk

These pictures are just here to show you how incredibly thoughtful and functional this design actually is

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