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Modern office furniture – Goggle Desk by Babini

modern office furniture white purple goggle desk

This modern office furniture design piece is a glossy masterpiece called Goggle Desk and is the creation of the talented designer – Danny Venlet for the Italian furniture manufacturer Babini. It can easily be call the presidential or the boss’desk but we can just leave it with its manufacturing name for now “Goggle” Desk, which probably comes from its beautiful shape with which is it is bound to stand out.  

Exclusive modern office furniture piece – Goggle Desk

modern office furniture design piece

With its beautiful and creative design, this modern office furniture piece can easily become the focal point in the office. It instantly makes you feel like a boss. And even though it is very innovative and very chic, this desk is also very functional and comfortable. It includes drawers that are well incorporated in the design so that they don’t stand out too much. The entire overall look is creative and innovative; it literarily makes everyone gasp at the sight of it, and definitely is the first thing you notice when you walk into the office.

Amazing, chic, stylish and expansive office desk

modern office furniture creative design

As you can see this modern office furniture piece by Babini is offered in different finishes, so that it can suit every office interior. Because it is made of high-quality materials (wood for the drawers) it is light-weight for its size and it can be rearranged much easier than you think when you first look at it. Surprisingly this gorgeous but enormous looking desk is quite comfortable.

Modern office furniture – Goggle Desk by Babini

modern office furniture creative desk babini

Style is not everything – this masterpiece is also comfortable and expansive

innovative shape modern office furniture danny venlet

Creativity has no limits

goggle desk exceptional furniture design office

Babini’s new office furniture design piece

modern office furniture design goggle desk

The desk is offered in different colors

goggle desk danny venlet yellow finish

Danny Venlet’s incredible desk design

white goggle desk danny venlet

The desk that tempts you to start working

danny venlet modern office desk white black

Goggle Desk – designed to be desired 

danny venlet goggle desk white yellow

danny venlet goggle desk black

beautiful brown goggle desk danny venlet

creative solution modern office furniture design piece


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