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Modern furniture – Philipp Aduatz’ amazing spoon chair design

amazing design exceptional quality furniture piece

This modern furniture piece is absolutely stunning.  The spoon chair may seem to you as sculpture appropriate only for an exhibition or an art museum but it is actually a real chair. Behind its absolutely innovative and extravagant design is Philipp Aduatz. His creativity has gone beyond the expected and trivial forms and has accomplished something simply extraordinary. Imagine how comfortable it would be to be sitting in a spoon. This lovely form that we know only from our silverware is actually suits perfectly as furniture. It doesn’t look safe? The Spoon chair is actually perfectly solid, and allows you to sit comfortably in any position for a long time without feeling numb or stiff.

Modern furniture – exceptional quality Spoon chair

creative spoon inspired modern chair design

The Spoon chair is a lovely modern furniture piece that you can arrange literarily anywhere in your modern home. It is perfectly adequate for your living room, hall, or even a public place – a lobby, office, or the library. It is designed to stand out, not to blend in with any interior, which doesn’t make it suitable for absolutely every interior design style, but nevertheless it will easily make it a focal point especially if you give it enough free space in order to “breathe” from the surroundings.

Stunning and exquisite – innovative chair design by Philipp Aduatz

lovely curves spoon chair modern furniture design

Having such an exceptional modern furniture piece in your home might be a little overboard for you, but if you look closely the spoon chair is the materialization of elegance and aesthetics. It is designed to capture the eye of the experts and to make guests gasp. If you really want to make your interior unique and beautiful you definitely need the Spoon chair to give your interior the feeling of completeness.Award-winning designer Philipp Aduatz has created extraordinary furniture pieces like the melting chair and the shamrock table but we can definitely call his spoon chair – one of the pearls in his collection.

Lovely creative chair provides real relaxation 

long curve spoon chair comfortable stylish design

Incredible spoon inspired chair design with lovely curves 

elegant stylish creative spoon chair design

Exceptional quality and design furniture piece limited edition 

red spoon form inspired furniture piece lovely design

The melting chair – another creative project by Philipp Aduatz 

modern furniture melting chair

Innovative artistic melting chair design by the talented designer 

melting chair exceptional furnitue piece

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