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Innovative chair design improves acoustics in the living room

eclectic modern chair design idea

Designed by StudioKMJ – this innovative chair design “Rosa Poltrona with acoustics” is the brought to life example of comfort and artistry combined in one. With its absolutely innovative and yet natural form, inspired by the certain position of a real rose blossom, this chair can really give you the piece and relaxation that you deserve. Coming home tired after a long day this chair can instantly provide you the good quality rest you need in order to regain your strength.

Rosa Poltrona stylish chair design

stylish acoustic absorbing chair

This chair design has a  unique form that allows you to sit in a capsule protecting you from any visual or sound disturbance. The natural curves create a sound absorption which leads to that acoustic effect in the chair. Because of its exaggerated size Rosa allows you to sit in many different positions and feel absolutely comfortable and safe. It is cozy and gives you the ability to sit for a long time without needing to change your position or feel any numbness. ROSA Poltrona by StudioKMJ is offered in many different color combinations s you can take your pick. The colorful stripes resemble the layers of the rose blossom leaves. Surrounded by that cheerful ray of colors in such lovely floral shape, you will instantly feel like a Thumbelina or a Thumbelino… The feeling is quite magical and yet very natural.

Exquisite chair design with sound absorbtion for the living room

innovative chair design living room

Made of exceptional quality materials, this chair design, inspired by the special form of the rose is practically timeless. It is relatively easy to move around, which makes it suitable for rearranging. Because of its modern and somewhat extravagant look it will easily become a focal point in your living room, and will be a total eye-catcher. Rosa Poltrona is not just a chair … It is an artistic design that sends out a very strong message – In order to love life, you need to make it as comfortable as possible, and that can happen only when you bring the natural forms into your home.

Incredibly creative chair design 

Sound absorbing rose chair

Comfortable chic chair design 

Studio  KMJ  Rosa Poltrona chair

Rosa Poltrona – modern furniture design 

Rosa Poltrona incredible stylish chair

Elegant exquisite relaxation solution 

lovely chic comfortable rose chair

Creative design for a good quality rest 

creative chair design idea

Luxurious chair design for the living room or office

Comfortable luxurious innovative form chair design

Chic innovative furniture piece

black yellow rose inspired chair design

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