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Glass table spils beauty in the living room – by Zaha Haddid

creative furniture design transpared liquid table

Having a glass table in the room always enlightens the atmosphere. But having a liquid table is something completely new. Isn’t this the most magical table you’ve seen? It looks as if it is taken from Alice in Wonderland movie set, where nothing is common and ordinary. That’s exactly what Zaha Hadid’s liquid glass table is – it is extraordinary.

Exceptional, original, and very elegant liquid glass table

chic ooking incredible furniture design piece

With its unique design and gorgeous finish this glass table can become the little jewel in every contemporary interior. Although the common thought would suggest that this piece of furniture requires a more magical and distinguished setting to blend in, it is actually designed to stand out. It is the first thing one would notice. This furniture piece is entirely translucent, which brings out its natural water-resembling curves and makes it even more spectacular. It is not just a table it is a fabulous work of art and with its uniqueness it captures the eye immediately. Because of its universal look, exceptional quality it is totally appropriate for any type of interior space. It can easily become a distinguished piece in the living room, office, or even a coffee place.

This exceptional liquid glass table is absolutely innovative and stunning

innovative glass table incredible furniture

Why this liquid glass table. Have you longed for something creative in your living room that will really makes the environment beautiful and makes it more chic and interesting? Do you want something that your guests will always remember your interior by? Well, you don’t need to search for it anymore. This absolutely fantastic gorgeous table is here to show you that the imagination and creativity are limitless. Inspired by one of the best natural forces – water, this table will give your interior the feeling of flaw, nature and balance. It gives you a sense of constant motion because of its artistic design which resembles the natural watery stir. Although it is easy to fall in love with, it is very hard to accomplish but Zaha Hadid has proven that there isn’t a limit to the designer’s abilities.

This exceptional design furniture piece is incredibly light and easy to rearange 

sophisticated luxurious furniture design

The surface of this glass table resembles real water 

glass table liquid effect beautiful clean design

The design of this furniture piece is absolutely stunning 

exceptional quality furniture design piece

This table is perfectly suitable for every type of contemporary interior 

focal point table furniture design piece

Extremely effective and totally appropriate for a focal point in the living room 

exceptional furnctional luxurious design glass table

This beautiful liquid glass table is perfectly suitable for an office or a resting room

beautiful functional design furniture piece

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