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Furniture design – Unique Stool “Ru-ju” by Yu-Fen

fantastic great quality wooden stool

When we talk about furniture design, we talk about creativity, style and functionality. Yu-Fen Lo is the talented designer from Taiwan behind this wonderful artistic-stool called Ru-Ju. The design itself has a very sentimental meaning. No, it is not a tribute to the donut! It is actually a reminiscent of the ancient jade coin. There are also some traditional elements that symbolize the Taiwanese culture like the bending bamboo for example, which is very well incorporated with the overall design of the stool. You can see how the legs seem to be forming something like a ribbon or a wrap around the seating part. Besides its artistic and innovative design, usage of exceptional quality materials, Ru-Ju is actually very comfortable for a long seating. This is quite rare for a stool, especially for a wooden one.

“Ru-ju”- another bijou in the world of furniture design

exceptional creative furniture design piece 

The stool is not only a  beautiful example of exceptional furniture design, but behind its gorgeousness it is very functional. You can easily use Ru-ju stools in the kitchen or the living room area. They can suite as a decoration as well as active stools around a table, where you can sit and chat with friends. Because it is so light, it can easily be rearranged and moved around the house. The stool is very stable and solid, although it looks like it needs to be cared gently. Ru-Ju is offered in two natural wooden shades of the wrapped legs – lighter brown and dark-brown, which allows them to be more adaptable to different contemporary interior solutions.

Exceptional quality furniture piece 

lovely furniture design stool excellent quality wood

This furniture design piece  is simply marvelous. It represents the ancient Taiwanese craft of bamboo bending and gives a real sense of their interesting culture. It is a wonderful addition to every contemporary interior and can blend in with the décor of your kitchen, living room, even with the kids’ room or office. With its unusual design it is very eye-catching Ru- ju by Yu-Fen can easily become a part of a focal point decorative arrangement in your room.

 Ancient coin inspired innovative stool design 

innovative chair design exceptional quality

Unique stool for the home 

wooden stool ancient coin inspired design

Great furniture design for the living room or office 

innovative stool home interior furniture design

Amazing furniture piece for the home 

creative stool ru-ju yu fen

Incredible stool – Ru-ju – a great addition to every contemporary interior 

unique stool design ru-ju

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