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Furniture collection designed for comfort and relaxation – Bahir

innovative black furniture collection creative comfortable

This furniture collection called Bahir is simply the synonym of comfort. It is designed especially for those moments when you really want to enjoy life, and now you can do that at home or in the office it creates a lovely warm atmosphere and has the unique ability to tempt you take a rest and feel the heavenly comfortable cushions underneath. You will want to wallow under the blanket with a whole box of sweets just at the sight of it. This is the perfect furniture solution for every contemporary living room.

Bahir furniture collection – interior space all on its own 

innovative modern creative furniture design pieces bahir

Let’s talk about the design and materials of this incredible furniture collection first. Bahir’s design is the creation of Jorg Boner. It is not simply two furniture pieces – it is designed to be interior space on its own. As you can see it is not simply a seating with a backrest it is much more – because of its expansiveness, and the what it seems to be a stool – can easily be turned into a small table as you can see from the pictures bellow. So we can just say, that Bahir breaks off the boundaries in which contemporary sofas and stools are set for and presents a whole new concept on the subject. If you want to wallow in this beautiful piece right away you will probably be happy to know that the cover is very easy to remove and clean.

Beautiful, elegant, practical, and easy to clean furniture collection

 furniture collection comfort relaxation peace

This beautiful furniture collection is adaptable for any type of interior space and decoration due to its clean design and wonderful neutral color. It can be arranged in the bedroom, living room, even the office and you can see that as it breaks off design limits  it is very easy for it to break off interior solution standards.

Designed to give comfort and relaxation

creative modern furniture design collection bahir

The perfect modern sofa, which can suit as a bed, sofa, and stool that can easily become a table 

boner lovely design furniture collection pure comfort

Breaking off the standards in modern furnishing

bahir modern creative modern furniture design pieces

amazing adaptive rearanging creative furniture design pieces

Bahir can be your  absolutely ultimate comfort solution

bahir innovative furniture design pieces excellent quality

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