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Luxury furniture idea- The REBIRTH table

Modern design luxury table by Meik REBIRTH

“Inspired by the desire of changing the human being, the changes that we submit, in happiness and sadness of these changes comes the new exclusive piece of meikstudio, a table inspired by the act of rebirth, the simplicity of the act of wanting to be different. Here’s what inspired us to create the REBIRTH table, a table that becomes what you want, a support table, a bedside table, a table with various functionalities, capable of adapting itself to reinterpret the space where it is . The grace with which rises from the ground brings us to the lightness and peace of mind that so often we would like to achieve.

Modern bedroom furniture - table by Meik REBIRTH

The elegance and dynamism that the foot transmits is inspired in roots, culminating in the rectangular geometric figure with ebony wood finished in high gloss acrylic varnish. This wood has strong and scored shaft, the final touch of class to this piece of special character. The foot in polish stainless steel transmits a sensation of cold that comes into opposition with the warm feel of the ebony wood in this drawer. A clear interpretation of reborn, reborn that we often dream so many times of being different and multifaceted.”

The Rebirth Table – Luxury furniture idea

Modern living room furniture - table by Meik REBIRTH

Luxury furniture design - MEIK REBIRTH

Luxury furniture design - MEIK REBIRTH

Modern design luxury table

Luxury furniture design - MEIK REBIRTH


Designer: Meik Studio (Portugal)
Material:  aluminum and ebony wood
Dimension: 650x400x550mm

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