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Unique book rack ideas – amazing bookshelf designs for every home

unique book rack ideas wood cubes modern furniture

Unique book rack ideas are so fascinating that it is difficult to decide which one you want for your home. Creative book rack designs transform a bookshelf into a furniture piece with high decorative value which combines practicality, functionality and visual appeal.

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Bookshelves are the finishing touches of a good design. Despite modern technology, e-books, tablets and other high tech gadgets many people prefer the real book and have large book collections. Designer furniture can be quite expensive or sometimes the available living space is not enough to furnish a home library, so why not choose a unique book rack to store and display your books? Some people think that bookshelves are something belonging to the past, but look at the gallery below and see the inspiring and original designs which have a modern vision, unusual shapes and creative design approach.


Unique book rack ideas – a complement for every home


unique book rack ideas tree branches wall mounted bookshelf ideas

When it comes to interior design, unique book rack ideas are a great way to add an artistic feature to your home. Designed with creativity and inspiration, book racks can be a focal point in a room or an eye catching accent, they can add color, style, originality and express your individuality and taste. Original book racks can vary in size, shape, material, color, style and we have selected some unusual yet practical and functional ideas which can be a part of your home furniture.

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One of the main factors that determine the overall look of the book rack is the material. Wood is a traditional material, modern designs feature glass, MDF, plastic, stainless steel or a combination of materials. When you want to make your book rack a focal point of the interior design, you can choose a large size or a bold contrasting color which will stand out among the surrounding furniture. Of course, you can choose a color that will blend with the color scheme of the room – brown, black, white, gray – it is important that the overall impression is balance in colors and design elements.


Unique book rack ideas – unusual, original and creative furniture designs

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Fantasy and creativity have no limits as you will see in the gallery below. Looking at these unique book rack ideas may make you smile or frown but will not leave you indifferent. Some designs are freestanding, others feature wall bookshelves, but all of them are extremely original. When your child needs a place for books and textbooks, let him choose the most unusual bookshelf – asymmetrical, imitating branch of a tree, super cool book rack designed as origami or as a geography map. In small rooms you can choose interesting compositions, for example – balancing cubes, bookshelves forming a certain figure, and if you feel like expressing your personal artistic vision- you can craft a book rack of your own, upcycle different furniture pieces and add a special decorative element to your home.


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