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Modern Baroque Chairs with Attitude By Creazioni of Italy


Chairs with Attitude  By Creazioni of Italy

And now for something completely different!  If you are looking to make a visual statement in your interior design scheme, check out these crazy chair designs.  Italian Baroque is the inspiration for this extravagant furniture items but these flamboyant oversized chairs also exude a sense of fun and are clearly products of contemporary times and attitudes.

Clashing Cultures Enliven Modern Baroque Chairs


Maybe inspired by a certain irreverence that comes from contemporary Fine Art the designers at Creazioni have united two cultural influences that couldn’t be more polarized.  The very serious Baroque style, with its organically inspired twisting elegance, is dramatically paired with: images from contemporary comic books, fashion illustrations or children’s books.  The amazing fact is that, as long as you remain open minded, the marriage of the two ‘art’ forms works.

furniture  By Creazioni of Italy

A powerful example is the large winged armchair in white, which is actually complemented by the dramatic ‘Lichtensteinesque’ upholstery.   The combination of swirling ornate framework and powerful imagery are formally very well balanced.  The narrative element is only hinted at and may be interpreted on many levels.  This ‘big hearted’ chair looks wonderfully inviting and comfortable, so purchasing this would provide you with a fantastic seat and also a serious art object to enliven your interior.  Other examples of dining chairs, easy chairs and even a chaise longue have been given very different style treatments.  The opportunity to customize appears infinite.  There are chairs for children, for teenagers, bachelors, fun loving households and serious artists.

These modern baroque chairs are surprisingly different and definitely for people who prefer to ignore convention.

Versatile Modern Baroque Chairs

 Modern Baroque Chairs with Attitude  By Creazioni Italy

There are numerous settings which could accept this type of theatrical furniture, but to use this type of extravagant style successfully, less is definitely more!  At most a set of dining chairs, or a living room suite would be ‘the max’ in any one living space.   Too many of these powerful modern baroque chairs in one space would destroy the artistic impact.  Although somewhat ‘tongue in cheek’ the fashionably ‘kitsch’ appearance of this furniture is still within the boundaries of good taste.  These striking chairs are remarkably versatile, as long as they are displayed sparingly, they could fit into a range of design schemes from minimalist through to eclectic.  They would look outstanding as a contrast to an ‘industrial chic’ interior or even within a very basic rustic setting. This sensational furniture is not for the faint hearted but will appeal to style rebels. Maybe the manufacturers should provide a “Use with Care’ warning on the packaging.

by Jaz

Chairs with Attitude  By Creazioni of Italy-1

Modern Baroque Chairs with Attitude  By Creazioni of Italy

  Modern Baroque red armChairs with Attitude Creazioni  red chair


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