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Modern furniture design, The Náutica Hanging Chair – Swings into Style

by Mut Design of Spain



Náutica Hanging Chair – Swings into Style

The return of a popular modern classic the ‘Nautica’ hanging chair will look equally stylish in the garden or in a funky modern interior, or even in a plant filled conservatory area.  The chair is being re-launched by the modern furniture design company ‘Empormim’.  This is an updated version of their famous modern chair design made popular in the free living 1970’s and is set to be a big hit. This version of the hanging chair is by ‘Mut Design’ and is pretty similar to the original, it offers a cozy and secure hollow to snuggle into and relax.  The suspended chair is then free to swing in a soothing motion rather like a hammock.

Náutica Hanging Chair – Swings into Style

Náutica Hanging Chair – Swings into Style

As this original modern furniture design was highly popular there was no need to make fundamental changes to its structure.  However, this time around, ‘Mut Design’ have introduced an elegant open pattern to the rattan.  This sinuous and graceful design gives the chair a particularly light and airy feel, but don’t be deceived the ‘Nautica’ hanging chair is exceptionally robust and will last for years.  The delight of the rattan work is fully revealed when the chair is suspended in sunlight. The subtle shadows cast by the openwork design are reminiscent of sunshine on gently rippling waves. The effect in this situation is likely to be very relaxing.  In addition, the shell like structure of the hanging chair surrounds the body and promotes a soothing sense of privacy and security, a great place to curl up and read a good book.

Modern furniture design – Hanging Chair

Náutica Hanging Chair – Swings into Style

Designed predominantly for the garden the ‘Nautica’ hanging chair would add a dramatic and stylish focal point to a patio or porch area.  It looks particularly attractive when surrounded by lush green foliage.  However it works well in a room setting, in this situation the chair projects an inviting and playful quality that would get your guests dying to try it out.  So, modern furniture design becomes a great icebreaker at parties.

by Jaz

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