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Modern Furniture Design by Artifort


Modern furniture design – Bird sofa design

Artifort is a modern furniture design company in The Nederlands. It is originally founded by Jules Wagemans in 1890 as an upholster company. When Wagemans’ son Henricus takes over the company he expands it into a furniture factory and makes it famous nationally. Since then H. Wagemans & Van Tuinen as the company is known until the nineteen thirties triumphs as an outstanding brand that combines style, quality, comfort and innovation. In 1928 the new brand name: Artifort is a fact. It is derived from Latin words ars(art) and fortis(powerful) and also reflects the word comfort in it.

Modern design chair


Modern furniture design – Apollo chair design

One of Artifort’s breakthroughs is the use and patenting of the Epeda interior springing. This material is already being used in mattresses and car seats at that time. Artifort start using it in the design of their modern furniture as an alternative to other filling materials such as straw, horsehair and kapok. The Epeda interior springing is woven from just a single steel wire and provides both comfort and durability while its use saves production time.

Modern design sofa


Modern furniture design – ABCD sofa design

With that important material patent and a large team of talented designers Artifort stands as a solid company today. It has attracted the customer’s attention with a variety of modern furniture design collections, created mostly for the living and dining areas. Some of their most charming pieces are their sofa and chair collections. They have more classical looking sofas such as the Manhattan and the Mare collections and more interesting and bold colorful designs like the ABCD, the Bird and the Isobel. The company’s chairs also come in all sorts of colorful extravagant designs that stand out among the ordinary. Such great chair designs are those of the Key, the Little Tulip, the Apollo, and the Butterfly most of which have their names derived from the way they are shaped. But these are just a small part of all the marvelous collections Artifort has to offer. Each of their pieces and sets has its own personality and affects the space around it. The company also produces barstools, cupboards and tables all created in the spirit of modern furniture design.

By K.H.Hristova

Modern design chair


Modern furniture design – Butterfly chair design

Modern sofa


Modern furniture design – Isobel sofa design


Modern furniture design – Isobel stools design



Modern furniture design – Key chair design


Modern furniture design – Tulip chair design



Modern furniture design – Manhattan sofa se design


Modern furniture design – Mare sofa design


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