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Finest Quality Italian Furniture by Pregno

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The prestigious furniture company Pregno was originally established in 1970 by Tullio Pregno.  Since then it has become recognized as a producer of only the finest quality Italian furniture.  All the pieces display a classical quality and are created from solid walnut and cherry wood sourced in Italy.  The firm prides itself on its ability to manufacturer only the highest quality pieces aimed at the most prestigious customers.  Each item is designed to last a lifetime.


Finest Quality Italian Furniture

By Pregno of Italy

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Pregno is only interested in creating perfection.  To achieve this high class production, all of their furniture collections are made by highly skilled master cabinetmakers.  These marvelous artisans still employ traditional methods and pay attention to even the smallest detail in every individual item of furniture.

Most of these operations are still handcrafted, with the experts maintaining the ancient Veneto traditions of furniture production. Method for making special joints and details have been passed on down the centuries as is part of the cultural tradition of the old “Marangon”, the local term for cabinetmaker.


Traditional Manufacturing Processes Yield Finest Quality Italian Furniture

Fancy furnishings by Pregno

Nowadays, the sensitive detailing found on each piece of finest quality Italian furniture pays testament to the success of continuing to work with well established traditional techniques. Just before the finishing stages, special processes are used to ensure each item has exudes an atmospheric antique quality.  To protect the wood and enhance its glorious color, several coats of lacquer are applied to the surface.  Then finally a layer of beeswax is rubbed on in keeping with traditional techniques. The end result is a subtle finish that is rich color and sheen, fully complimenting the classical lines of the Pregno collection.

Finest Quality Italian Furniture inspired by Design history

Deluxe furniture by Pregno

Pregno produce an impressive selection of furniture in a wide variety of classical styles.  Historic influences can be seen throughout the collection, providing sufficient choice to meet the tastes of all discerning customers. The elegant styles, superb quality woods and a continued search for originality define the Pregno ethos. The company’s philosophy embraces “…professionalism, creativity and good taste all over the world”.

Finest Quality Italian Furniture

Finest quality Italian furniture by Pregno

Browsing the Pregno galleries you will see that their finest quality Italian furniture is, in fact, a contemporary vision of designs that have been in production in Europe since the 18th century through to the earlier part of the 20th century. Although there is no attempt to disguise this historic impact, on the contrary this is a celebrated characteristic, Prego’s designers have ‘modernized’ the function and form of its pieces to suit 21st century demands and lifestyles.

This is grand and imposing furniture that is intended for the most stately and palatial of interiors.

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