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What is an ottoman in the world of minimalism?


Ottoman in minimalist interior design

A simple question – what is an ottoman in the world of minimalism? Ok, it may be not that simple, especially if you are a freshman in home making, decorating organization and everything, connected with the interior design. So, if you do not mind, let us make it clear for you what this piece of furniture can make with a room and how it can transform your home place into something special. So, what is an ottoman in the world of minimalism is about to be discovered in short.


Chair and Ottoman Corona EJ65 Poul Volther 1964

Asking what is an ottoman in the world of the minimalism must be actually succeeding the explanation of minimalism at all. This style can be described as simple and contemporary, convenient and diverse, odd and original. The pieces of furniture are less than usually, the shapes are more awkward than usually – and space saving as the main goal in the interior design. So, the truth about what an ottoman is in the world of the minimalism is that how it fits to these features.


Armchair Womb and ottoman Eero Saarinen

Next thing, we should share with you is what is an ottoman at all. It is not just a piece of furniture, which you can easily find in any traditional home. Actually, traditional households will not choose it – they will prefer just a sofa with two armchairs or for the cause of space saving they will even chose one of them – the sofa or just two stylish armchairs. So, besides the comparison with the stools and other seats, what is an ottoman else? – a little spruce and neat addition to home furnishing process.


Ottoman Bauhaus pony Mies vd. Rohe 1929

Finishing the topic for the meaning of the question what is ottoman in the world of minimalism, we must conclude that: first, it will definitely save you lots of space , because it is small, compact and suitable to all kinds of corners in the room; second, it is unusual furnishing option, which makes it perfect for a minimalistic interior design and last but not least – you will find a big variety of colors, damask and workmanships – then you will really find out what is an ottoman in the modern house.

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Armchair ottoman Leather Wing Hans J. Wegner 1960



White leather ottoman Charles Eames


Ottoman and armchair idea for minimalist interior design


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