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Space Enhancing Doors and Storage Units by Longhi


Sliding door design by Longhi

Longhi produces enhancing space doors and storage units that are superbly elegant and perfectly functional.  Playing with space is typical of Longhi designers, in their hands, doors become walls or walls become doors.

‘Longhi’ space enhancing doors and storage units for contemporary interiors

Gain space with Longhi`s doors

Whichever way you look at it, the installation of a Longhi space enhancing door system can’t fail to improve the contemporary home.  Longhi plays with space, making living areas more streamlined and spacious.  The specialist floor to ceiling screen systems disguise storage spaces, at the same time as enhancing the sense of light and space in a room.  Reflecting surfaces create an even greater illusion of liberating breathing space.

 Space Enhancing Doors by Longhi

Space enhancing door ideas by Longhi

The Longhi company prides itself on being totally in touch with the needs of modern consumers. They keep there finger firmly on the pulse of changing trends but at the same time always retain an awareness of practicality and production realities.

Stylish Sliding Door by Longhi

 Luxurious ideas for home interior

Longhi don’t just produce doors, they aim to assist in coordinating interiors by offering the discerning customer the opportunity to buy from a selection of coordinating storage solutions.  These include, glazed sliding partitions, media storage units, shelving units and bookcases.  Each individual style range includes all these possible units and fixtures in addition to the superb range of interior doors.

Enhance the Home with Space Enhancing Storage Solutions

Space enhancing storage units

The extensive collection of space enhancing doors and storage solutions is being continually updated. However, the attention to detail in both design and production is what identifies Longhi as a market leader in this field.  There is a perfect marriage between form and function evident throughout the separate style collections with even the simplest coffee table being made to the highest standard.

Stylish Bookcase Design by Longhi

Storage ideas by Longhi

After defining and enhancing your space with Longhi’s collection of doors, room dividers and elegant storage units, you may chose to get the complete coordinated look by selecting gorgeous contemporary furnishing items for the extensive Longhi range.   And if this isn’t enough they also produce a fabulous range of stylish and harmonious accessories to complete the look.

Furniture harmonized with space enhancing doors and storage

Modern interior design with Longhi`s ideas

Longhi is definitely not just about producing space enhancing doors and storage units, they are able to offer you a completely streamlined interior design package.

Modern Furniture Design by Longhi

 Longhi`s design ideas for a modern home

 Sliding Door Design by Longhi

 Golden slidng door design

Luxury Furniture Design by Longhi

 Glamorous living room with Longhi`s door design

Traditional Longhi`s Door Design Idea

Cozy door design idea


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