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Sensational Modern Furniture and Accessories by Moroso of Italy


Stylish furniture design ideas by Moroso

The influential Italian design company Moroso was first established in 1952.  It has made a name for itself through designing its sensational modern furniture and accessories in collaboration with countless talented designers including: Ron Arad, Carlo Colombo, Enrico Franzolini, Marc Newson, Toshiyuki Kita and Patricia Urquiola. The Moroso brand epitomizes top quality and has received many prestigious awards in recognition of this achievement.


Sensational Modern Furniture and Accessories

Exciting Designs by Moroso of Italy

Contemporary armchair design

For Moroso, excellent design and quality are not the only goals. Additionally, they aim to ensure that all their fabulous products are designed and made in an environmentally sensitive manner.  In 1999 they became the first Italian furniture manufacturer to have their work approved to ISO 14001 standard in accordance with environmental agency guidelines.


Environmentally Aware Production of Sensational Modern Furniture and Accessories

Modern furnishings by Moroso

 Since then, Moroso have maintained a close correlation between the quality of their sensational modern furniture and accessories and their impact on the environment.  The company only uses safe, nonpolluting production processes, and materials that are either natural or easily recyclable.


Sensational Modern Furniture Designed with People in Mind

Sensational modern furniture by Moroso

Moroso’s considerate design process works from the end to the beginning.  In other words they first consider the needs and comfort of their customers.  They also take into account lifestyle and ergonomics.  So Moroso’s designers always design for comfort and practicality of use, whether this is for entertainment purposes, or rest and relaxation.



Collaborations Generate Sensational Modern Furniture and Accessories

Chic furniture by Moroso

 The Moroso brand is one sought after by many a celebrity as well as successful people in all walks of life.  This isn’t surprising considering the company’s vast and diverse product range.  There is bound to be something within the Moroso collection of sensational modern furniture to suit all personalities and preferences.

The incredible variety of furniture available is largely due to dynamic collaborations with many talented designers.  There are just too many to mention here, but the Moroso website has all the details.  We have featured three leading examples just to wet your appetite!


The Bohemian Collection by Patricia Urquiola

Modern furniture design

The fabulous ‘Bohemian’ collection is the product of leading designer Patricia UrquiolaMoroso view her as the designer who most closely expresses their vision. Urquiola  has taken classic capitonné upholstery work and revitalized it, giving the furniture a “revolutionary modern look”. Her work is characterized by its fluid forms which appear to melt over the solid frames. This creates a soft almost casual appearance through its relaxed irregularity.  Upholstery envelopes framework and then is fixed in place with press studs.  One description offered by Morosa is that Urquiola’s classically inspired sofa;

   appears to be “wearing” a shawl thrown over its shoulders. The capitonné fabric shawl is fixed with press-studs to emphasize the idea of “wearing” an outfit. The seat is covered with various kinds of cushions, fabric layers which alternate technical textiles and faux fur with others inspired by Mongolian rugs…”

This indicates this extraordinary designer’s fascination with fabrics, textures and pattern as well as fascination with ethnic cultures.  All these influences impart a particular richness and atmosphere to the Patricia Urquiola’s furniture designs


The Diesel Collection

Stylish furnishings by Moroso

Diesel is of course famous for its successful high street fashion brand.  Here you can see that Moroso, with Diesel, have created a collection of sensational modern furniture which displays the same relaxed and comfortable characteristics as the popular clothing line.  The inspiration for this collection is an image of a particular type of informal lifestyle.  The target audience are people who enjoy furniture in uncomplicated, simple shapes and forms.  However, they will also seek a contemporary style that doesn’t sacrifice, high quality materials, pure lines and unusual details.

My Beautiful Backside

 My beautiful back side collection by Moroso

This is an eccentric title for a highly original collection of sensational modern furniture and accessories. This furniture series is the creation of the acclaimed partnership, Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien in conjunction with Moroso.  The resulting pieces unite styles from both Europe and India.  The designers’ description of ‘My Beautiful Backside’ state that it is


“… a collection of seats whose backrests are a composition of highly colored, floating cushions in various shapes. The wider your seat, the more cushions you can have. Our use of oversize symbols, such as the buttons on cushion backs, is a way of conveying a variety of messages. These symbols also provide a means of customizing each chair, making it unique, just as you would add little distinguishing touches to an article of clothing…”

Modern Furniture Design by Moroso


The fabrics used in the design bring the collection to life through a series of subtle but lively combinations of textures and colors.  The super luxurious but quirky upholstery is contained within a lacquered wood base frame.  The oversized cushions are attached to the frame to create an asymmetric backrest. For a rich and moody appearance, cushions are covered with a wonderful collection of sensual Indian fabrics, the large decorative buttons add an extra touch of originality.

The three collections described here are only a fraction of Moroso’s massive collection.  If you are a lover of sensational modern furniture and accessories there are many, many more examples for you to discover.


by Jaz


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