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Handmade Italian Furniture by Colombostyle

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Today we present to you Colombostyle – a famous Italian company with a long history and tradition in furniture making. Its existence began back in 1886 in Meda, Brianza – a place where the furniture industry was already blooming at the time. Ever since the company has successfully run its business which focuses on top quality handmade Italian furniture and has gradually become one of the leading companies in the business.

Handmade Italian Furniture by Colombostyle

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In 1991 a memorable event took place in the company’s history. It was the merging of Colombostyle and the S.I.P.ARR custom furniture design manufacturing company into a new united empire. Yet, the newly created company kept the name Colombostyle as it had already turned into a symbolic name and people all over the world were familiar with their exquisite handmade Italian furniture.

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The change in the company brought in different architects and designers and many fresh ideas that continued to develop the business. Among those new architects were Maurizio Chiari and Carlo Rampazzi. As Chiari started working on various classical styles with the idea to represent them in new ways, Rampazzi introduced the eclectic style to the company and developed a new innovative collection based on experimentations.

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Both designers and their teams carried on the tradition of Colombostyle’s handmade Italian furniture while at the same time added fresh perspectives and combined their efforts to create a unique timeless collection that included both Classic and Eclectic directions. There was also a third direction that the company began to work on – the Contemporary one which was also based on experimentation. Rather than create a pure Minimalist style the designers decided to be distinctive and came up with a modern representation of the Classic. The production resulted in a unique third direction of the Colombostyle handmade Italian furniture that fit right into the collection and completed it perfectly.

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Handmade furniture by Colombostyle

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