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Classic Handmade Furniture by Vittorio Grifoni

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Vittorio Grifoni is a design company founded more than 50 years ago by designer Vittorio Grifoni and his wife Laura. The two of them began their business making classic handmade furniture together in Florence, Italy relying on their hard work and fine craftsmanship. Over the years they have successfully built an empire in the industry thanks to their exceptional talent in wood decoration in the spirit of Florentine tradition. The two professionals are also willing to experiment with their work and development new ideas which prove a successful strategy for their business.

Classic Handmade Furniture Design by Vittorio Grifoni

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The Vittorio Grifoni Company has worked on a number of styles and models that have been developed for many years in order to achieve perfection. Their work includes a wide variety of classic handmade furniture for the living and dining area that consists of different types of tables, chairs, wardrobes, sideboards and a lot of decorative objects as well. All of the pieces are created entirely by hand with a special focus on every detail. Since the furniture design represents classic styles all of them are presented in different finishes that ensure their natural vintage look. To achieve that the designers use special techniques of aging and patina that provide just the right finish. That is what sets the magic of classic handmade furniture and makes the company’s production unique.

Beautiful Handmade Furniture by Vittorio Grifoni

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With Vittorio Grifoni’s vintage furniture you have the feeling that the old times are coming back to life with a new strong sense of style. Despite the aged-looking surfaces and classic shapes the design of the pieces creates a fresh and bright feeling.  We have a combination of the classic handmade furniture’s refinement and the refreshing spirit of a new modern age that makes us look at the vintage in a different perspective.

Classy Handmade Working Table by Vittorio Grifoni

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Stylish Furniture Design

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Exquisite Handmade Furniture

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Classic Handmade Furniture Design

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