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Small living space ideas – Grand Interior Designs for Diminutive Apartments

Grand Interior Designs for small living space apartments

Funky ideas inspired by IKEA of Sweden

Small living space ideas - Grand Interior Designs for Diminutive Apartments

Those clever people from Ikea have come up with some great ideas to help organize very small living spaces.  Featured here are ideas for designing a tiny living room, a walk in wardrobe for a small bedroom, the remarkable use of space in a communal multi functional living area, a country style kitchen in a shoe box sized room and even a laundry space in a miniscule bathroom.  Many people live in small apartments particularly in cramped over populated inner cities, so if you have grand design ideas for your tiny living space you could pick up some useful tips here.

Top Tips on Designs for Diminutive Apartments

Small living space - furniture ideas ikea

When it comes to finding designs for diminutive apartments, IKEA is one of the main sources of suitable and adaptable furniture solutions.  These will inspire you to make the most of your home’s small proportions and improve the quality of your time spent there. Looking through the selection of room designs featured here, the main advice from Ikea’s designers is to make the most of vertical space in all rooms.  Utilize multi functional and moveable furniture particularly in the kitchen and main living rooms.  Also, think ‘outside the box’ when it comes to arranging furniture.  Maybe move seating to the centre of the lounge area and use the walls around for bookshelves and entertainment centers.  Beds can be raised to ceiling height and space saving screens or curtaining can conceal cupboards and private areas instead of doors.

This gallery of designs for miniature rooms shows how the Swedish firm Ikea was presented with some interesting challenges. As the video’s reveal, Ikea’s team of designers more than succeeded in transforming these small spaces into practical and comfortable living environments.

Simple Storage Designs for Diminutive Apartments

small living space Storage-ideas

If you live in a small space you will already know that you cannot live comfortably or peacefully if your home is cluttered.  The solution to this is maximizing your storage spaces and making sure that these are also easily accessible.  Again, make use of all the available vertical space and build storage units from floor to ceiling.  In many situations, open storage shelves may be preferable to closed cupboards.  Shelving and hanging rails can be more readily accessible than cupboards, particularly in the kitchen.  For items that you do not need on a regular basis, buy furniture that contains built in storage, for example, choose sofa’s and beds that have drawers in there construction.

These great examples show that you do not have to sacrifice style just because your home is on the small side.  In particular the lounges, bedroom and kitchen featured in these videos demonstrate very desirable contemporary designs for diminutive apartments.

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The Kitchen – Lets optimize the space to maximum Kitchen-island-idea-ikea



bedroom for small living space

  ikea-Kitchen-idea  small-room-furniture-ikea





Living room – Small space ideas from Ikeasmall-space-living-roomfurniture-ikea


small living space - living room furniture

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