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Modern Furniture design by Solovyov Design studio


Solovyov Design studio is  for modern furniture design based in Minsk, Belarus. The designers Maria and Igor Solovyov do different kinds of product design including packaging, electronics, accessories and modern furniture. In their work, they aim at creating modern furniture designs that are simultaneously beautiful and useful and are also designed with emotion.

Modern furniture design ideas


The studio comes up with fresh innovative ideas for modern furniture design. One of my favorite design by them is the Apple furniture collection. It consists of rattan sofa, armchair and table that have an unusual U-shaped form. The pieces of this modern furniture collection come in a cool combination of green and lime color and bring a great amount of spirit to any terrace or garden.

Modern Furniture Design – Apple Armchair


Another similar to the Apple modern furniture collection is the Slice collection. It is also a set of rattan sofa and armchair. There is a double-seat sofa and also a sectional sofa with single-seats and double-seats that can be combined as a group. The seats of the Slice collection come in classic white. This modern furniture is decorated with soft cushions for more comfort and aesthetics.

Modern Furniture Design – Armchair Book Shelf


Another personal favorite of mine is the studio’s outstanding modern furniture design for a chair design that combines the function of a regular chair and a book-shelf. The Ofo chair has an interesting wavy design and comes in happy modern colors. It has an empty opening in the middle that allows you to store books and magazines right under your seat. This is a fine example of a multi-functional modern furniture design.

Modern furniture design – Ofo chair


A great addition of modern furniture to the Ofo chair is the studio’s Pinta book shelf. which consists of differently colored modules that can be arranged in various structures and create functional compositions.

 Modern furniture – Hypnosis chair


Modern furniture – Hypnosis chair


And the greatest modern  furniture piece by this studio I saved for last – the incredible Hypnosis chair. Created in collaboration with contemporary designer Dzmitry Samal, this beautiful piece of modern furniture can be transformed from a regular chair to a lounge type chair. It has a modern smooth design painted in four different bright colors that makes its presence in the room even more noticeable. With a piece of modern furniture like that in your home you will sure brighten your day. If you are impressed with these creative young designers, you can check out the studio’s website: for more great design!


Slice Collection


Furniture Design – Arc Small Table


Modern Design – Book Shelf


Modern Furniture Crystal Armchair Design


Modern Furniture Orca Chair Design


Modern Furniture – Crystal Armchair


Modern furniture set



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