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Luxury Vintage Furniture by Bianchini and Capponi

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Bianchini and Capponi, also called B&C is a renowned Italian company that designs classic furniture with the mission to bring the antique into the modern interior space. Its production represents various classical styles defined by their great level of detail and refined old-time look. All the pieces in the company’s collection are brought to life by skillful craftsmen who have mastered the trade and use only natural materials of high quality in order to produce the luxury vintage furniture.

Luxury vintage furniture by Bianchini and Capponi

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Bianchini and Capponi joined the furnishing business in 1971 when it began its manufacturing activity. Set in the Italian region of Tuscany that is famous for its antique arts and crafts, the company decided on a classic-inspired production representing the old-time styles in new modern environment. In the beginning the main focus was on bathroom furniture. B&C have worked a lot on that particular space type and is the first company to introduce a wooden vintage furniture design for the bathroom. This happened in 1980 when the company introduces its innovative idea of an antique-looking bathroom space. It uses solid wood, marble and other natural materials to bring warmth to the design and master craftsmanship to carve the fine details. Then the furniture is artificially aged with the help of special techniques so that it gets the desired imperfect antique look. That innovative bathroom design became a huge success for the company and was the beginning of the expanding of its horizons.

Astonishing Vintage Furniture by Bianchini & Capponi

Vintage furniture design by Bianchini and Capponi

Over the years B&C has developed its production in different directions and today it creates refined vintage furniture for every room of the modern home. There is a collection for more prestigious furniture designs called Linea Rinascimento that consists of unique refined pieces and doors with precious hand-made decoration. Those are the company’s most luxurious products made especially for customers who appreciate true quality and exquisite make. After that prestigious collection came two more: Linea Art Deco and Linea Etnica created with the same level of precision. They represent an interpretation of the respective modern styles again with a special focus on detail and using special techniques to achieve that vintage look.

Silver Furniture Design in Vintage Style

Stylish vintage furniture

Vintage Wash Basin by Bianchini and Capponi

Luxury vintage furniture

Beautiful Vintage Furniture Design

Bianchini and Capponi vintage furniture design ideas

Vintage Style with Bianchini and Capponi Furnishings

Modernity in vintage style

Fancy Vintage Furniture Design

Luxury vintage furniture by Bianchini and Capponi

Wooden Vintage Wash Basin Design by Bianchini and Capponi

Linea Toscana by Bianchini and Capponi

Luxury Vintage Furniture

Luxury vintage furniture design ideas

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