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Fantastic Furniture – Armchair Shrimp by COR


Fantastic Furniture – Black Leather Armchair Shrimp by COR

German creators of the most convenient and fantastic furniture ideas for your home and office – Jehs + Laub – have been always thinking in a little bit awkward way, while they make their conceptions for a pleasant and practical life. Something like that we can obviously see in their suggestion for the workaholics with Bohemian souls. Shrimp of COR – even the name of this luxury and elegant chair speaks of the desire to something special even at the work place! Check this fantastic furniture will find your Bohemian soul beneath your workaholic personality, as well – if you like it, you will sit here forever!

Fantastic Furniture design by Jehs + Laub from COR


Fantastic Furniture design by Jehs + Laub from COR

What makes This Fantastic Furniture from COR so interesting and appropriate for any office is its structure at first. By the first look we do at it, we see a normal chair that can be perfectly collaborating with your desk at work. Meanwhile, there is another part that can be attached to its structure and transform it from the most hated place in the world (the office chair you need to be at all the week) to a comfortable place where you can rest and have some time with yourself. This combination is an amazing approach in the common belief that we must feel badly at work by all means – this is not true according to the designers from Jehs + Laub.

Elegant and fantastic furniture design


White leather and fantastic furniture design

This fantastic furniture   comes with an elegant and extremely expensive real leather damask. You can order it in white, or in black – according to the interior design of the room, where you want to place the chair. The white alternative is even more Bohemian – you do not care that it will be spoilt very soon, while you stay up to 11 o`clock at night and finish your dinner and project at work – that is why you will take the white one. The black variant of Shrimp of COR, although, will fit any place – even your home office down your basement in your house. Whatever you choose – you will feel fine in this chair no matter where exactly you are – at home or in the office! Do not miss the chance to be in a perfect shape all day and all night – take it!
Text by Abigail

Modern chair Shrimp by COR


Modern chair Shrimp by COR

White minimalist fantastic furniture


Modern elegant chairs Shrimp by COR

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