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Fabulously Ornate Italian furniture By Smania

italian bedroom furniture smania

The Italian company Smania produces furniture like no other. This exquisite collection is positively regal.  Resplendent in its inlaid and carved ornamentation it may be difficult to believe that this ornate Italian furniture is a product of the 21st century.  Smania has been creating fine furniture since 1979.  It says of its achievements that,“Memories from the past and visions of the future, technical innovations and museum reproductions, whimsical motifs and traditional designs…” all contribute to the creation of this remarkable collection. This could in fact be one of the most luxurious collections of elite Italian handcrafted furniture available across the globe.

Fabulously Ornate Italian furniture By Smania of Italy

bedroom furniture collection  by Smania

Importantly Smania is ever aware of the historical context within which it works.  The company’s craftsmen continue to employ skills from the past but these are now refined with technical innovations of the present.

“La Brianza” is a fascinating district on the outskirts of Milan, Here, there is an historic area where the ‘Artigiani di Mobili’, specialist furniture artisans, still produce the most wonderful objects in small workshops.  These exclusive studios are and most often located within family homes, adding an extra intimacy to the provenance of the furniture. The superb quality of the work produced here draws dealers and collectors from all over the world.  This is where Smania commissions its unique collections of ornate Italian furniture.

Ornate Italian Furniture is the Work of Specialist Artisans

Home office furniture collection by Smania

The process of producing this artistic furniture collection is complex and time consuming.  Intricate inlays, hand carving and refinishing processes are employed by only the most skilled artisans who strive for perfection in all their activities. Only the finest seasoned wood is selected to create delicate veneers and intricately carved elements Furniture is then inlaid with the rich colors of sand burned maple roots.  Gilding and luxurious fabrics are also used to complete the opulent effect.


Ornate Italian Furniture by Smania

Living room design - white leather sofa smania

Featured here is a unique collection of ornate Italian furniture which clearly reflects the influence of past ‘golden ages’ of comfortable living. This furniture cannot be classed as merely ‘reproduction’ as it has been revitalized with fresh elements that create a vibrant energetic impact.  Smania is justly proud of these superb products because as they say,

“… beautiful objects make beautiful gestures.”

Splendid Italian Furniture

classic living room desgn - italian furniture designers Smania

Luxurious Living Room with Italian Furniture

italian furniture - living room idea by smania

Stylish Italian Furniture Design by Smania

Luxury italian furniture smania

Luxury and stylish living room Italian furnitureliving-room-itanial-furniture-smania

Office furniture collection luxury-italian-furniture-office-smania

Outdoor furniture collection by SmaniaLuxury outdoor furniture smania

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