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Creative design Furniture by BD


The Creative Design Furniture of the Spanish company BD Barcelona Design cannot be confused with anyone else. They have their own style and handwriting. And this is not accidental. The company was founded in 1972 and quickly gained international fame and prestigious awards. Founders Pep Bonet, Cristian Cirici, Lluis Clotet, Mireia Riera and Oscar Tusquets are creative and looking for architects and interior designers. With their creative design furniture They break out of the familiar and create something unseen . At the invitation of BD designer Martí Guixé realize the “free port”.

Creative design Living room Furniture by BD


In its Creative Design Furniture BD uses modular parts in the form of cubes and arrange them in different configurations. The options are varied and give freedom to combine cubes. “Free port” is a combination of modules in the MDF. The outer parts are treated with white glaze and the interior edges and used laminate that mimics natural wood. Doors and shelves are MDF and covered with varnish or veneer. Feet of pipe installation are made of aluminum and stainless steel and are painted in chocolate brown. Interestingly, in the “free port” can be a different number of elements. Modular installation parts are added or removed, and this creates a sense of dynamics. The latest trend in interior design is best for space planning to use a different number of modular elements in their creative design furniture. The idea is to complement the time to create new configurations of furniture.

Creative design Beach Furniture by BD


In the catalog of products the company has some of the most famous designers in the world as Alfredo Häberli, Jaime Hayon, Konstantin Grcic or Ross Lovegrove. BD realize ideas of Salvador Dalí and Antoni Gaudí. Clients can see the sofa in the shape of lips, designed by Salvador Dalí. Furniture with an unusual and Creative design in different colors, сome have a color of lipstick pink and red, there are versions in black and white.

Unusual lamp Creative design Beach Furniture by BD


Co-author of the great artist Oscar Tusquets, creator Dalí remained true to its style and unusual lamp stand. It is covered with gold leaf. Fine bench, chair, side table, mirror, metalwork fittings of Antoni Gaudí are created in his projects of the past century. Furniture and to attract the eye with rich decorations and unusual shapes.
Text by Dani Alexandrova

Chair with Creative design  by BD


Chair  with Creative design  by BD

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