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Classically Styled Furniture from Italian Craftsmen

Classically Styled Furniture - Pregno Italy

The Italian company Pregno was set up in 1970 by Tullio Pregno.  Originating in the historic town of Padua, this company draws on inspiration from its classical past. Pregno manufactures exquisite classic furniture in solid walnut and cherry wood.  Each fabulous piece is built to last a lifetime.

Traditional Craftsmanship produces the finest classically styled furniture

With the intention to offer products of the highest quality each handcrafted item is constructed by master craftsmen. Traditional techniques are still employed in the workshops to ensure that attention is paid to even the smallest detail in this classically styled furniture collection.

Pregno’s furniture range is broad in style variations with something to satisfy all discerning customers. Pregno has established a trademark originality which has been developed through focusing on simple elegance, the use of natural materials and exceptional design.  This company’s ethos embodies professionalism, creativity and the pursuit of good taste.  These are the significant elements which have ensured the name Pregno is recognized globally as synonymous with excellence.

Classically Styled Furniture to Designed to Impress Discerning Customers

Classically Styled Furniture - Pregno Italy - wall street furniture

Illustrated here are superb examples from the Pregno website which show the style diversity and quality of these superior products.  The warmth and glow of only the finest wood is celebrated in this traditional furniture collection.  These are pieces intended for the most luxurious interior design settings.  A range of influences are apparent in the designs from 18th century through to early modernism.  The care taken in the manufacture is evident right from the preparation of the raw materials through to the traditional methods used in crafting and polishing the end products.  This consideration ensures these gorgeous classically styled furniture pieces are destined to become valuable antiques of the future.  Although based on historic design periods, there is a more modern simplicity to many of these pieces which reflects the changes in contemporary lifestyles.

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Living room with classic interior design
Luxury furniture - Pregno Italy
Living room furniture design

It is very clear that Pregno has created classically styled furniture intended for customers with impeccable good taste

Luxury wooden door
Wall street furniture pregno

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