Sinks for a minimalistic kitchen


Minimalist design kitchen sink

Sinks are main elements in any kitchen – we talk about all kind of kitchens – home kitchens or kitchen in a restaurant, a hotel or a resort. This gives to the kitchen the function of presenting the whole idea, hidden in the conception taken as a basement for the interior design in the room. Sinks, no matter how ordinary and pointless they sound to you, must be chosen with delicate taste and practical considerations. Sinks in a minimalistic kitchen, itself, can play even much more important role in the home interior design.

Kitchen sink design


Franke Planar kitchen sink design

As you know the lack of decoration in a minimalism as a style in the interior or exterior design, is more often than the variety of ornaments and emblazonry. So, some original as a design, sink can be enough to make your minimalistic kitchen look finished and not so superfluous. Minimalistic sinks are usually in a shape of rectangle, sometimes even in a shape of a square. Rounded sinks are mostly characterized for classic and retro kitchens. Sinks in a minimalistic kitchen are mostly made of steel, enamel or cast iron.

Copper kitchen sink design


Copper kitchen sink design

Copper sinks in minimalistic interior design influence luxury and wealthy. Ornamented with golden meanders they shine among the whole room. Vanguard minimalistic sinks for kitchen come with extra ordinary and original design that can be seen not so often and so everywhere. For instance, kitchen sinks are sold with covers or with riddles. The extra pieces added are not only contemporary and creative but practical as well. Covers can hide the mess you left in your kitchen when you had been in a hurry and then some guest suddenly came to visit you.

Stylish kitchen sink


Stylish kitchen sink by Franke Peak

Covers can also protect your environment from microbes and dirtiness left in the unclean dishes. Riddles, itself, do the contrary – they prevent you from conglomerating the dishes in the sink without doing them for ages. Sinks in the minimalistic kitchen, are commonly, elegant and simple or extravagant and impressive. It depends on the kitchen box and furniture you have chosen for your home. Balancing is the main idea in the minimalism – remember this and remind it to yourself when you pick up a sink.

Multifunctional sink by Blanco


Multifunctional sink by Blanco

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