Multifunctional furniture in a small residential


Modern dining room furniture

Inadequate living space in a small home should be properly organized with multifunctional furniture. The aim is to provide more space for people.
Dining table usually occupies much space. In furnishing a small home is good partitions of the table to be folded. Then they used, if necessary, and at other times remain hidden. It is also to provide folding chairs. So some of this furniture are harvested and used for welcoming guests.

Minimalist living room


Minimalist living room with sofa bed

If you need to provide accommodation to guests sofa bed in the living room is an ideal solution. The market offers folding chairs. They are also solution for unexpected guests. Multifunctional furniture can be manufactured to order.

Wall bed


Minimalist bedroom with wall bed

Interesting solution for small home is a bed that is home to the wall and turned into a wooden shelf in the day. If it raises the whole mattress and attaches to the wall. So space is released.Built-in drawers and chests furniture is very suitable modern home. They keep some items that are not used very often. Even in daily stool serve Chest. It is designed as a cube Its upper wall is raised and there are arranged objects.

Kids room


Modern kids room with bunk beds

Bunk beds in the nursery also save space. Space for play increases if the cabinets for clothes, books and toys are mounted in unnecessary niches in the corners. In the nursery can also put a folding table for writing. She comes home after completing their tasks. The doors of the wardrobes for clothes glide. So they do not require much space to open.

Modern bedroom


Modern bedroom with wardrobe

If the doors of the wardrobe in bedroom family put a mirror, the room looks bigger and brighter. In addition to saving space for a single mirror in bedroom.

Modern kitchen


Modern kitchen with folding tabletop

The kitchen in a small home should also be equipped with multifunctional furniture. Folding tabletops, kitchen island with built in oven and sink it, hanging cabinets provide more space for work and freeing up space in the room.
It is in the modern home furniture to provide a useful area for people. Cluttered kitchen is not attractive and it lacks air.

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