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Reading books is a passion for many people. They possess hundreds of volumes and there can be problems storing them. A home library is a way to store them.

Bookcase furniture in home library


Modern bookshelves furniture in home library

If the household does not have the necessary available room for this purpose, some of the rooms can split the task of serving this function. This creates some difficulties. Cupboard drawers usually have racks for a small number of books and storing them in drawers and various available places on the furniture creates difficulty in using them. Many people place racks on the walls to store their books, but does not suffice, since the space is still limited. For these reasons, it’s best that there is a place, meant for storing the book supply of the home masters.

Home library furniture


Modern minimalist home library furniture

When furnishing the library, we need to take into account that the books, which it will be made for, are something, which will be increasing progressively at the course of time and this should be accounted for when planning the shelves’ and racks’ construction, where the books will be placed. The shelves should have a wooden construction and the shelves – a metal one. It is necessary that classifiers be placed, if there are a lot of books, and that the books are arranged thematically, so there will be in order. This would in turn ease the task of searching for a particular title. The height of the shelves depends on the number of books, as well as on the house masters’ preferences. The main condition when equipping the library is accessibility – to find what we need quickly and easily.

Home library with table


Home library with shelves and table

A table for reading should also be established. That’s why part of the room should be turned into a reading zone. This zone’s furnishing should include comfortable couches with armrests, sofas, soft stools, as well as a table or several tables, where the books can be left, or notes can be taken. Rocking-chairs are also very appropriate for this crib. The floor and wall coverings should be easy to clean. The wall colours should be neutral, pale and unostentatious, since the room itself has the function of a place, where our attention is fixed in a particular activity. The place should be well lit not by a single source only, but from separate sources above every single zone and desktop. The library decoration is not necessary and if it is present, it should be simplistic.

Minimalist home library


Minimalist home library with comfortable sofa

Thought should be given to the ventilation and heating, since books need care in order to be preserved in good condition for a prolonged period. Collecting books for a rich library is usually done by a few generations and maintaining them should be done with attention and good care.

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