Transparent furniture home decor


Transparent furniture in mansion in Arizona by Eddie Jones

Transparent furniture has infinitely beautiful and interesting vision. They are very attractive and original, and always manage to attract attention to themselves. Here we will show you some interesting patterns that are embodied in the elegant and airy interiors.
Talented architect Eddie Jones can only delight us with their wonderful fantasies. These models are positioned in a huge mansion located in central Arizona, whose area is over 2700 square meters.
In the interiors we can identify materials such as glass, stainless steel and others. This is essential for the overall vision because it creates a feeling of airiness and lightness.
Here we can indeed notice beautiful windows without a frame, which are large enough. The kit includes a glass table and Plexiglas chairs and all this greatly increases the effect of transparency.
Oscar Wilde said that there is a special era, to which belong all beautiful things. The interior, which the designer Jeffrey Bradfield has been created for all lovers of beauty, really belongs to this era. Guided by the words of Oscar Wilde, combining designer furniture and details in the old style and gives them a great zest. The transparent glass details in furniture added to them are able to fascinate all of us.

Transparent table by Sam Trimble

Transparent-coffee-table-in-Tribeca-penthouse -Sam-Trimble

Transparent coffee table in Tribeca penthouse by Sam Trimble

This modern house is the work of architect Sam Trimble and is located in Tribeca. Here the architect has undoubtedly succeeded in creating a sense of calmness and relaxation without the interiors to look too complex or overloaded.
The wonderful coffee table in Plexiglas with cobalt pigment, the translucent Plexiglas panels and the chairs are just an integral part of well-designed home.

Dining table by Michael Palladino

Dining-table-in-San-Francisco-apartment-by Michael-Palladino-and-Rick Irving

Dining table in San Francisco apartment by Michael Palladino and Rick Irving

This interesting and extensive apartment is located in San Francisco, and it is a work of collaboration between the talented architect Michael Palladino and interior designer Rick Irving. The dining room is unique with these beautiful tables with transparent panels. The openwork chairs add extra shine and they are a great solution for the interior. The beautiful arc, which smoothly connects the kitchen with the other premises, is simply a joy to our eyes.

Apartment in Miami


Apartment in Miami with transparent furniture by Jennifer Post

Designer Jennifer Post is a very interesting person. He said he always started his project with great enthusiasm and always from the beginning. This luxury apartment in Miami Beach is his next great work of art. The furniture here is very modern and is characterized by clean lines, simple accessories and transparent surfaces. Here we find unusual and stylish bed that creates a feeling of airiness and lightness. Thus, the focus shifts to the view through the window and turquoise waters of the ocean.

Transparent table and chair


Apartment in Miami with transparent chair and coffee table

This beautiful apartment interior is located in Miami Beach. We can only admire this crisp and sunny home built by a minimalist palette of light gray and cream. The designer has used a number of transparent furniture to enhance the effect of light. The coffee table, desk and chair are a real charm.

Transparent dining table


Transparent dining table in residence in Cleveland

The spacious residence, located in Cleveland, is furnished in a perfect manner.
Its bright colors and simple accessories are particularly impressive. White-blue walls in the dining room are combined with chairs in light brown and transparent armrests, which gives them extra elegance and style. The glass dining table adds a wonderful impression.

Asian dining room


Asian dining room style with transparent chairs

This Asian style interior can capture each of us with its attractive and a natural beauty. The interior is unusual and bold and include mainly natural materials like wood and stone. Here we can notice and marble, combined with a few simple modern pieces, such as chairs made of transparent material.

Sitting corner


Sitting corner with luxury chair and transparent coffee table

The interior here is filled with beautiful fabric chair, which are a wonderful addition.
This is a simple table of transparent Plexiglas, which is a successful imitation of a pleated sheet.
It creates an interesting accent, but not too intrusive.
This is a great solution, which does not shift attention away from luxury items and furniture.

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