Harmony between the exterior and interior design of the household


Exterior furniture design

The exterior is an essential part of the general configuration of the household. There are two options for the exterior design – for it to be accounted as a separate, independent part of the general appearance of the household, or for it to act as a continuation of the external furnishing design.Configuring the exterior as a separate architectural space gives way to more independence in taking decisions. It also runs the risk, however, of unbalance in the general outlook of the household. It is therefore important to take into account not only the way, in which the owners want it to be accepted as, but also the specific terrain features. If it is situated on more than one level, the appropriate may become an accent, or an organizational element for the whole space.

Garden furniture and swimming pool


Garden furniture and swimming pool

The choice for garden furniture must be entirely under the influence of the style pattern, where all elements of a certain kind must be chosen accordingly. There needs to be a sense of moderation present in the decisions taken. Of course, in the end some free space should be available. A good idea is the establishment of separate cribs – for relaxation, dining, leisure and sports each.A special place is given to the home swimming pools. The choices of size, situation, as well as maintenance, should be given adequate thought.

Modern garden lighting


Modern garden lighting

Lighting is an equally essential moment, but it has its advantage, as it gives freedom to the house masters for choosing between the different retro elements and modern conveniences for lighting. The only consideration is accessibility during all parts of the day and night. And if the main element is aesthetics, some original results may result.If the home masters wish that the exterior be a continuation of the interior decisions for the household, then the two spaces should be in unison with one another.

Sliding doors


Sliding doors for connection with terrace

Both the style and the colour configuration should correspond with one another. But the main thing is that the garden should be allowed in the home, as in bringing in the colours, fragrances and freshness inside. The French windows and sliding doors help for this idea to be realized. The correlation between the outer and inner design give the feeling of spaciousness and completeness to both the inner and outer surroundings.

Stylish outdoor furnishing


Stylish outdoor furnishing

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