Furnishing specifications of a small living-room


Small Living Room Furniture

The living-room is the place where we rest, invite guests to and spend our free time in. It should be suitably furnished. If we have sufficient space, the furnishing ideas are many. In the case of scarce area, the arrangement of the room should be carefully thought out.Choosing a furnishing style is the first step. The minimalistic design is suitable for a small spaced room. The compact living room furniture is a good way of using the space in its full potential without overcrowding it and depriving ourselves of the necessary conveniences. Some pieces of living room furniture, such as cupboard drawers, should be omitted and replaced with lighter constructions.

Small Living Room Furniture


Small Living room  Furniture

The module ones are appropriate. Some of them can be attached to the wall to make up more space, taking over the functions of the shelves beneath. Braver decisions are also possible.For example, the television set can be used as a centre piece, with a minimal number of  living room furniture around it, like a small sofa, a rocking chair, a couple of stools, with which to complete the furnishing. The space can be made more interesting by the decorations – bigger statuettes, vases, or flower-pots. An accent element can also be the rug in the middle of the room in the form of an animal skin. The fire place can also be a centre piece, if there is one. Around it can be situated fauteuils and a living-room table and this assembly becomes the centre of the furnishing configuration. The rest can consist of only decorative elements.

Small living room


Small living room furniture in light colours

If it is necessary for the living-room to be used as a room to sleep in at night, it is convenient to have extension living room  furniture. Such can be not only the sofa, but also the fauteuils. They can have the function of a bed, if the room is used at night. Folding armchairs can transform into a comfortable bed for one.Heavy curtains are not suitable for a small living-room. They should give way to lighter materials and outside blinds. Light colours are best suiting for the curtains. The same goes for the choice of colour for wall-papers or the walls themselves.

Modern living room


Modern small living room furnishing

The light tones let the light in and make the space optically bigger. The lighter tones for floor coverings play the same role. In terms of the materials, the home masters’ preferences are the main concern.The lighting should not be from a single source, but rather evenly spread by pendant light fittings on the hung ceiling. Whatever the choice, the living-roommust be the coziest place in the household.

Living room furniture Furniture


Small living room furniture

 Small living room furnishing


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