Furnishing ideas when the office and library are one and the same room

Furnishing ideas when the office and library are one and the same room


Home office with library

Not always can the space in our home be sufficient enough to have separate room for work, such is the office, and a place for relaxation like the library. It is often necessary for them to share the space of a single room. Then the approach in furnishing should be such, as to satisfy the needs of both conveniences in the confines of a single room.Firstly, the available ground must be split between the future library and the office. The full length walls are an appropriate place for the book shelves. The computer desk and other equipment should be placed near the window. The desk can either be placed opposite the book shelves, or parallel to them, but either way, there should be adequate space between them so as not to narrow down the person’s outlook. Another option is for the book shelves to be placed firmly against the walls and the desk to be in the centre, along with the necessary equipment.

Home office


Home office and library design

The chests of drawers can be positioned next to the book shelves, or part of them can be used for storing the documentation, which would be often used during the working hours.As it goes for the choice of colours for the walls, there is one simple rule – the colours should be crayon, not too bright, mellow. Suitable colours are the light and pale tones: white, light yellow, green or purple.Good lighting should be provided – not from a single source only. Lighting devices should be present at every single work surface. As well as evenly spread on the ceiling, it can be situated above every work zone. Additional lights, such as desk lamps, wall lamps, bracket lamps, lampions, are always useful.

Library with office area


Big home library with office area

Since this kind of place is meant for working in, it should be isolated from loud noises. Appropriate furnishing decisions are the PVC doors and windows, as well as cork floor coverings, since cork is a good isolator. It also keeps the place warm during the winter and cool in summer, which is essential for a work environment.It is not necessary for this room to be decorated, since those belongings may be a distraction for the person’s work and take too much of the space, which is scarce anyway. If there are any decorative objects, they should be few and simple.The essence of this place is for it to serve for the means of work and solitude. It is necessary that we prepare it for this purpose when we furnish it.

Office with library


Small home office with library

Office and library furnishing


Modern office and library furnishing

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