Furnishing a home office


Modern home office interior design

The office is not a luxury for many people nowadays, as more and more people have to work entirely from their home, or from both their home and working place.
This room’s furnishing must be carefully thought out, so as to establish a good working environment in the confines of the household. We can transform it into a suitable work place by taking advantage of the comfort and solitude of our own home. In this room we must make place for all necessary equipment and possessions. It’s also important to reconsider home insurance when you set up your home office, you can get an updated home insurance quote online from

Computer desk


Home office computer desk with modern design

The computer desk and the computer itself usually take up a centre place in the room, or can be placed next to the wall, nearby a window, so there will be a direct access for the sunlight. Right next to it should be the technical appliances, including a printer, fax and scanner. According to the occupation of the office users, the other furniture is also bought. Most notably – shelves for the essential specialized literature, or dictionaries, which are used all the time. Filing-cabinets for storing various documents are an essential part of the furnishing as well.

Office sofa


Luxury home office sofa

In some specified professions, the office may give way to a work shop. When there is much continuous work, there should be a place for resting in between the separate working tasks. It is appropriate that a part of the room be established as a zone for relaxation, with a sofa, a table, fauteuils and a rocking-chair.

Home office furniture


Contemporary home office furniture set

The choice of colours for the walls and furniture should be of neutral, light nuances that don’t distract the attention. Soothing pastel tones are an appropriate choice. The lighting should be carefully arranged and not only from a single source. It should also be placed above every work surface.

Minimalist home office


Minimalist home office furniture set

Thought should be given to the noise isolation of the office in order to create a good work atmosphere. The wall coverings made out of cork are an excellent choice because of its good noise isolation properties. They also keep the warmth of the confines of the room in, thus helping keep the place warm. Decoration for this place is not necessary and if there is some, it should be simplistic and unostentatious.
The prime concern is easy accessibility for the person working to everything, which he requires during the working process.

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