Furnishing a corridor


Corridor with black white closet and grey floor

The corridor is the room, with which our home welcomes whoever comes in. It should have a simplistic and ostentatious design.
The first thing in the furnishing choosing is the colour decision. The light tones are preferable. They will enable the light coming from the other rooms to be utilized at best. The predominant colour should be characteristic of the whole household. Placing fine vertical lines on the walls will attract the sight upwards and will make the vestibule appear taller. This is appropriate for smaller spaces, such as the corridors. The other furnishing element is the choice of floor coverings. Thicker floor coverings are suitable for corridors, which are situated on the ground floor.

Modern corridor


Modern corridor furniture set

Neutral colours are suitable, as they reflect light well in corridor. The furrowed surface and unequally spread chiaroscuros assist in hiding the uneven architectural composition, which often occurs in the vestibule design. Suitable materials for floor covering are terracotta, stone, marble and some kinds of wood. If the corridor is too narrow, a rug may be placed to widen its visual appearance. Placing a curtain on the inner side of the entrance door is not a common practice, but is appropriate for the large vestibules, as it stops the cold wind during winter.

Corridor lighting


Corridor with luxury lighting

The choice of lighting is one of the main elements. Since the natural daylight in the room is scarce, the synthetic light is of prime importance. Large chandeliers with crystal icicles and reflection effects are popular ideas for bigger vestibules. They provide strong enough lighting without it being ostentatious.
In the traditional corridor all house masters decide themselves how many and what type of furniture to place, but there are two things, which every corridor definitely needs.

Shoe closet


Modern curved corridor furniture with shoe closet

These are the clothes rack and the shoe closet. There is a great range of designs with various sizes and styles, which satisfy all needs.

Foyer mirror


Foyer mirror with magazine table

The closing vestibule element is the mirror. Whether the place is big or not, the mirror is a compulsory element. It reflects light and makes the vestibule sunnier.It gives depth to the space in corridor and makes it look larger. The diversity in the choice is immense – from big crystal mirrors, to small ones, hung on the walls for one to look at his reflection before going out, as well as for serving a decorative purpose. With a mirror the vestibule establishes a complete and beautiful outlook.

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