French provincial dresser – add a touch of antique chic to your interior

french provincial dresser elegant furniture ideas

A French provincial dresser has all that unique old-world charm, which is the most characteristic feature of the furniture in the style of Provence. Furniture pieces in that style are exceptionally beautiful and will never go out of fashion as the style is timeless and different trends come and go, but the chic of French provincial furniture keeps fascinating people for centuries.

painted french provincial dresser living room furniture ideas

Modern furniture is convenient and functional, but sometimes it lacks character and to some people it seems too uniform. French provincial furniture has the spirit of the French style but not the one that is typical for the luxurious pieces from the aristocratic boudoirs. Provincial furniture has simple, strict forms, lovely floral decorations, delicate colors and creates an atmosphere of coziness and warmth.


What is French provincial dresser – a dresser or a chest of drawers?


french provincial dresser vintage furniture shabby chic bedroom

There is an ongoing debate what, exactly, French provincial dresser is – a dresser or a chest of drawers? By definition, a dresser describes a dressing table with mirror. However, in modern times the word is often used to describe chest of drawers, sometimes with mirror and people do not pay that much attention on the right term. We selected some magnificent examples to show you how a French provincial dresser, or a chest of drawers, if you prefer, adds character and elegance to home interiors in rustic, country or shabby chic styles. White French provincial dresser or painted French provincial dresser can be used in the dining room, the bedroom, kid’s bedrooms, etc. and for the fans of antique furniture, these beautiful pieces are greatly appealing.


French provincial dresser – unique furniture pieces to add style and beauty to the interior

painted french provincial dresser brick wall rustic decor

One of the questions that every homeowner faces is to choose an interior and furniture that meets his personal requirements, his preference and will look good. If you consider yourself to be a fan of the “old” age, then Shabby Chic, French country, rustic or vintage are the styles for you. A white French provincial dresser, for example, will add to the overall design concept and will blend beautifully in the pastel or neutral color scheme of your interior.

french provincial dresser shabby chic style nursery room furniture

A typical feature of a French provincial dresser is its versatility. It can be placed in any room. For example, in the living room it can be a beautiful side table to display family portraits and photos, vases with natural and artificial flowers and a variety of accessories – books, silverware, decorative boxes. Of course, French provincial dresser is the perfect piece of furniture for the bedroom – not only as a chest of drawers but as a dressing table.

french provincial dresser hardware white french provincial dresser distressed furniture

White and beige dressers are especially popular, but if you prefer any other color, you can either paint it to match your color scheme or buy a new one designed in the Provence style. You can see a beautiful French provincial dresser in the interior of kitchens, where it creates an atmosphere of comfort and warmth, in hallways, in dining rooms and you will notice that in any room it is adds a stylish accent with its simple and smooth lines. Chests can have elegant curved or carved legs and a countertop with rounded corners. The typical hardware features wrought iron handles with intricate patterns, stylized antique bronze or brass.


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french provincial dresser dining room furniture ideas

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