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Dining room design

This contemporary urban house in Notting Hill, London, was carved out of a traditional dark, dated Victorian terraced house. The architects from Staffan Tollgard Design Group decided to make a whole-scale refurbishment that combined modern design ideas with the existing architecture to create an elegant environment. The clients’ vision was chic, light-filled sharpness of the boutique hotels where they regularly escaped to.  It incorporates well-balanced use of natural and man-made materials. On the main floor, which houses the ‘public’ areas, this open concept house plan actually has just one door, closing off the cloakroom while the higher floors are designed for private life. The lounge and study area on the first floor are less minimalist and connected to ground floor.  The private space is softened with natural wallpaper to soften the walls and thick carpet to please bare feet while furniture with clean lines is cushioned with luxurious but not ostentatious fabrics.

Master bathroom design


Master bathroom design

The master bathroom features a walk-in shower as the centrepiece of a resolutely clean and sleek atmosphere.  The combination of gloss and matt surfaces makes it a sleek and inviting space.


Contemporary kitchen design with island

The kitchen is an integrated element of the living space and opens onto the garden via three-meter-wide sliding glass doors. Like a true island, its bar area provides a gathering point for both the guests and the hosts who can cook without leaving the party.

Small Living room


Living room furniture with modern sofa

The combination of the original elements such as cornices and high skirting boards, with the more contemporary finishes of the furniture and earthy elements like exposed stone walls and wood to keep it connected to nature, represents a logical evolution of the statement the clients wished to make.

Another layer in the creation of a relaxing area is the subtle colour palette. For more info about this natural house design check out Staffan Tollgard Design Group.


Contemporary bedroom furniture


Living room with modern fireplace


Home office furniture

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