Creative interior design from Mendini


Creative interior design from Medini

Nobody can deny that this Italian interior designer and architect called himself in public just Mendini is a great talent. He shows us an original portfolio year by year and the audience is ready to borrow all of his ideas in organizing their own homes, work places and resort buildings they possess. Recently, Mendini has introduced us to his colorful world of mosaic and ancient elements in the decorations which can be used in any room you need to furnish and order.Mosaic ornaments cover the whole room – they are the main theme in flooring and in the motives for the big decorative vases. Green, yellow, orange, red and blue lines are shining with joy from the enormous vases which are put in the interior to take the part of the old fashioned arches in castles and strongholds.

Alessandro Medini’s modern furniture


Alessandro Medini’s modern furniture

Main furniture is hybrids between sofas, couches and tables. Eco leather in white is combined with pottery in a fascinating way that turns this workmanship into a masterpiece you must buy immediately and put it in the middle of your lounge.Mendini has been always counted on the decorations believing that they can quickly transform any room with a charming glamour and original style. His colorful world in the new portfolio he has already presented is filled with decorative pillows with unique damask – all colors gathered on one place in a very delicate way that can suit to the softness of the silk and cotton which is used for the make.


Modern minimal interior

Besides pillows, vases and ancient figures, Mendini shares with us the faculty of making wonderful things with the environment – a characteristic of mirrors. Salvers, that are made form mirror materials and lasting glass, are arranged on the furniture waiting for the cocktails and drinks to be made and served to the thirsty people.
Walls are substituted with textile colorful curtains in blue, yellow, brown and red. The mood here is more than joyful and positive – Mendini is telling you the fairytale for rainbow and its shades that bring happiness into people`s life.


Modern office idea from Medini


Futuristic interior design

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