Contemporary private box for any room


Contemporary private box

Contemporary furniture, nowadays, represents to the whole audience a new way of lifestyle. Designer`s ideas reduce to time and space saving and make a great combination with the conception for modern styles at home. Furniture, indeed, are compact and practical and meanwhile, they can impress even people who are not really fond of interior and exterior design. Check this idea for contemporary furniture design. It is not very easy to make a definition for this kind of a piece of furniture. It is not a bed only that can also be used for a sofa or a lair in the moments you really need some privacy. This piece of furniture has the function to gather things without being some boring cupboard or a classic cabinet. It is a hybrid that can look fantastic in any room without making you awkward when it comes for deciding what you will combine it with.

Box furniture design


Box furniture design

We can say this is a private box for any room. The set is elegant and convenient and its minimalistic appearance is appropriate enough both – for a small room and for some roomy premises. The origin of this contemporary furniture design is Italian, so, there is no doubt that it come with the sensation for fine taste and luxury message.

Modern box flat design


Modern box flat design

This private box, being a hybrid between bed, cabinet and a sofa, look terribly well in your bedroom and in the living room, too. The Installed shelves in this piece of furniture save you money for extra cabinets. The untraditional shape is not only an original way for impressing your guests. It has its medical reasons – that shapes perfectly match your body and the spring-bed will fix your spinal distortions.

Box bedroom design


Box bedroom design

Black, white, silver and grey versions of the modern private box for anybody and for any room are for those of you who prefer traditional interior and decoration. These alternatives can be easily combined with the other pieces of furniture in the room and lets you improvise with some rich decorations and bright colors for the walls or for the flooring. Naturally, you can order your private box in a gay color to provide positive emotions – green for harmony, red for joy.



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