Chair design by Maximo Riera – inspired by the sea


This chair design is a real work of art, created with a practical purpose, and leads us to the depths of the ocean, where the whale triumphs, a remarkably beautiful sea mammal. It has inspired the Spanish painter Maximo Riera to create a work of art, which not only serves as a chair with a practical purpose, but carries us to the less known sea world, inhabited by fairytale inhabitants.

Black leather chair design by Maximo Riera


When retrieving back to his studio in Cadis, Maximo paints and shapes every day. His work demonstrates the dominating influence of the abstract impressionism and the pop movement in art. In them shifts the inspiration from travels around the Caribbean islands, observations and impressions, through the eye perspective of the painter. The result is the chair design of Maximo Riera, with which he pays tribute to the blue whale, the biggest animal in the world.

Chair design with backrest like whale tale


The connection with the sea has a big meaning for the painter and the image of the blue whale is strongly recognized as a symbol of understanding between the animal kingdom and the human kind. It is in its own way a statement of the need to overcome the difficulties and surviving in nature, as well as in life.

Black leather design


The chair design is projected to be the centre of the space where it is located at. Its size makes it ideal for open, wide spaces. The whale’s fin, which creates the silhouette of the chair and serves as a backrest, has asymmetry between the two sides. The upper part can be bent backwards and gives a dynamic perspective when used.

Impressive animal collection


The chair design depends on the idea that the connection through a piece of art with this marine inhabitant will remind of the meaning of the responsible fishing to stop the constant drop in population of this endangered species. This is because “ignorance is the mother of fear”, as the author of “Moby Dick”, Herman Melville has stated. And art is summoned to drive it away.

B. Angelov

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