Sofa table – how to choose and use them in the interior design

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The sofa table is designed to be placed against the back of a sofa. The piece of furniture dates back to the 17th century and in general is a long and narrow table. Nowadays these tables are used, especially in space-saving designs. They are an addition behind the sofa or used as room dividers in homes with open floor plans.

 Sofa table in the interior


white sofa table with storage space storage baskets family games

The versatility of the furniture piece is enormous and you can use it as a display of statuettes, family pictures, art objects or as an additional storage space in the living room. There are many designs which feature drawers as they are an important component in many versions. These drawers are functional and help you storage small items and possessions as well as help you reduce the clutter throughout the room. It is important that the sofa table is high enough so that you can use it to display decorative items. There are sleek table designs with only a top and without drawers. The designs vary from modern minimalist to antique luxury. Sofa tables are valuable if you wanted to create a seamless transition from one part of the room to the other and that is why they are very often used for interiors in open floor plans. Add small stools under the table will provide extra seats or storage baskets to gather toys, magazines or books.

 Tips for choosing a sofa table

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When you choose your sofa table you have to think in advance what function do you want to imply – a room divider, a storage space a decorative piece of furniture or an accent table for photos and lamps. The height of the table should be at the same level as the top of the couch. Careful measuring is important as the table must not protrude beyond the edges of the sofa. Width is also something to consider. A wider table will push your sofa further from the wall. The style of your table will depend on your personal taste and preferences. You can buy it as an individual piece of furniture or as a part of a set. Whichever option, make sure it fits to the overall look of the room.


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 Black sofa table with storage space

black sofa table with storage home furniture ideas small apartment interior

 Modern living room design with long table and storage space

Contemporary family room furniture long sofa table with storage

The sofa table provides space to display art

modern home interior minimalist sofa table art object display

Table with lots of storage to help you get rid of the clutter

sofa table with storage space storage baskets table lamps fruits

 Corner table with open shelves

sofa corner table modern sofa design living room furniture

 Rustic wood table with drawers

rustic sofa table wood living room furniture ideas

 Vintage style table with drawers and wheels

original sofa table ideas two levels wheel storage drawers

 Low table with storage space

modern sofa table with storage white table lamps photo

modern living room design white sofa table stools

Living room furniture stone fireplace table lamp sofa

Living room design ideas french doors sofa table extra seating space

Ikea sofa table with storage space living room furniture ideas

ideas living room interior design elegant home furniture

Family room furniture ideas table lamps stools fireplace

Family room furniture ideas sofas vintage style sofa table candles

Family room credenza with storage drawers table lamps art display

contemporary living room rustic style sofa table natural stone fireplace

black white living room design black sofa table white table lamps

white ikea sofa table with storage space and glass top

white sofa table living room interior design ideas

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