Minimalist Italian countryside house by Damilano Studio


Damilano Studio designed an Italian countryside house dubbed the Horizontal Space and located in Piemonte in northwest Italy – a mountain area at 800 meters above sea level. Arch. Duilio Damilano opened the studio in 1990 which developed through collaborations with artists and designers, working with a contemporary approach for continuous research in the modelling of architectural forms.

Italian countryside house in minimalist style


The Italian countryside house reflects the clean horizon by walls of windows that open to the seemingly endless scene outside. It is a modern, minimalist house with a white palette that matches the facade. It features ultra-modern furnishings and expansive glass walls. Wide steps lead to the entrance, introducing a longitudinal consecutive spaces, creating two floors: the basement level –  a garage and a games room – and the ground floor, featuring a large living room with wood floors and a series of public and private spaces.The living room stretches from one part of the house to the other and opens up with wide windows to the garden and countryside.

Italian countryside house interior design


The kitchen is characterized by a horizontal cut above the work plan, which frames the mountain and the country yard. Its area is white, accented with stainless steel trims while the thin lines of the countertop are matched by the form of the kitchen bar stools and the trim around the cabinetry. These details add a sophisticated feel to the minimalist and beautiful kitchen. The bedrooms feature low contemporary beds in Japanese style, and fun accents such as a faux cactus-type piece adding contrast to the minimalist elegance. The dining area has stylish interior design elements including high back dining chairs on one side of the table and low back dining chairs on the other. There are two bedrooms with bathrooms, a laundry room and a bathroom for the living area.










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