Elegant canopy bed by Joseph Walsh


Now, there is furniture and there is a piece of art. We usually make a difference between these two and it’s normal. But don’t forget that nowadays design is highly sophisticated and furniture could be mistaken for a masterpiece. Well, almost. But what happens if every bed is made in such a unique way that each one is completely different? And what if it is made in a truly breathtaking way. There is no more “Everyone has this, I want something more”. Hand-made furniture is expensive, but worthy. You will always be proud to possess something unique and one of a kind. There is something connected with the unique way we experience life or maybe… canopy bed.

Enignum canopy bed


Check out the amazing new modern canopy bed by Joseph Walsh and you will find out what are we talking about here. The Enignum Canopy Bed from Walsh’s Formations collection is an amazing art piece. It brings nature indoors, both in material, but also in the way it interacts with the space. It actually “moves” or “floats”, wrapping its white silhouette into the air in beautiful flowing forms. And all this was accomplished with wood! This bed looks like it has wings! The self-thought Irish-born designer-artist used an incredible amount of imagination for this gorgeous bed. His technique includes cutting the ash tree in thin layers and then shaping it using its own natural elasticity.

Enignum canopy bed frame


The organic frame is covered in elegant way by organza. One thing you should remember – every bed is one-of-a-kind piece! Sleeping on this luxury canopy bed seems like doing a sacred ritual that reveals us the deepest secrets of our dreams. Now that’s a true designer and artist. No compromises. That’s what every art lover would definitely fall in love with. You can find more information by visiting Joseph Welsh.

Enignum canopy bed


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