Solid wood bed by Ign.Design


Dreaming is what we do quite often while being in bed. Everybody loves dreaming. It is what gives us a strong belief in the future and limitless possibilities. Dreams are inspiring as they are our striving goal soon to be achieved, hopefully. What actually could be better than a dream that turned out to be true. Does that mean that beds and dreams are connected? Obviously. As a matter of fact beds are the sheets of the dreams, aren’t they? But have you ever dreamt of a solid wood bed?

Solid wood bed design


Sounds funny, but here is a great modern solid wood bed called “Dream”. It is made by Ign. Design, often referred to as a master in melding modern art with modern furniture. They proved once again that this definition is not wrong. What we see here is an exquisite designer solid wood bed. It is made by Andy Ehrensperger and also features a low-profile, free standing frame of solid wood that looks great next to a wall, in the center of a room or anywhere else in your bedroom. The “floating” design is what makes this bed one of a kind.

Solid wood bed frame


The mattress and bed frame are set on a smaller, stepped-in base which actually creates the effect of “floating” in mid-air. What comes along is a great bedside table encompassed by the smooth, curved lines of the frame. The table is an ingenious pair of trays, made of the same wood and carved to a rounded shape. It is especially good for bedtime reading with a lamp or just a place where you can put personal possessions. If you want to find out more information about this great bed you can go on and visit Ign.Design website. Dreaming will be much more easy if you have this comfortable and stylish bed.


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