Spiral staircase design by Manuel Maia Gomes


This is a spiral staircase design to Heaven for the book lovers.  It is one of the most amazing contemporary Portuguese architecture projects presented by architect Manuel Maia Gomes. This beautifully designed, spiral staircase is the central feature of House Antero de Quental. Its uniqueness, style and beauty are just striking. It is in perfect harmony with the rest of the house, making its way upward to the second floor. Actually, the minimalist interior gives a nice amplifying effect to this spiral, innovative architecture. The warm wooden details are a wonderful feature to the spiral design of the staircase, adding a nice finishing touch to it.

Modern spiral staircase design


This modern spiral staircase  design is built in a very special way, making the atmosphere inviting and the view of the interior – breathtaking. Along the staircase, there are shelves made of translucent plexiglass that can accommodate up to six thousand books. Quite a number isn’t it? Have you ever seen that many books in a home? You may have, but having them neatly arranged on the wall shelves is one thing and around a staircase – quite a different thing. It is very unusual and yet so compatible. It makes you wonder “How didn’t I think of something like this?”  If you look at it, it is quite practical too. You can always reach the book you want to bring down and if you are just looking for a book it’s much more interesting going up and down a staircase than just walking around.

Inspiring spiral staircase design


This spiral staircase design is also called a “poetic architecture”. Looks like a very original, since this home was 19th-century house of a poet. Today it is redesigned into a contemporary style design interior and the center piece of it is the staircase. Imagine having this amazing spiral staircase in your home? It will certainly be the center of attention. The staircase like this makes every home more inviting and yet more mysterious and poetic.


White spiral staircase


Modern staircase design



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